Friday, July 3, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This is from! We now have to give all of our graduation presents in a briefcase. This is AWESOME!!!! Well, it is awesome until you get pulled over by the cops. But it would be totally funny if it was someone else that got pulled over. We have new heights to aspire to.
Drug Lord,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fast Trees

I always wondered how people had tons of time to be crafty. I now know it's because the kids are grown and there is crappy weather.
So I now make cards. Hey, they can't be that bad, DJ has been using them for graduation cards for his friends. I refuse to think that he is just cheap and won't pay for a card. No, it is because my cards rock. Yeah, that's it.
This is what I should be working on, our dying tree.
It looks so bad as you are driving up the road. Every time that we plan on taking it down, a storm rolls in. Den said our weather is acting like it is 2 months behind. I will be carving pumpkins instead of wrapping presents in December. It's fine by me because I doubt even with the extra 2 months I will come up with the Christmas money.
I have to say that DJ has turned into my go to guy for things around here. He just started helping with all of the yard work. How awesome is that! I normally take care of most of the things around the house, Den is a busy guy and I don't work. It's a fair trade. But we have run into a few larger projects and DJ just steps up and helps. He was the kid that would act like he was dying if he had any chores.
He has also started working out 6 days a week doing that P90X. Let me just say that it shows. He was always quite a bit overweight in school. Then he went away to college and looked like he was starving. Now he is packing on the muscle. It's amazing what a 19 year old body is capable of. I told him, he looked pretty buff  the other day but that I was in no way hitting on him. He rolled his eyes but I think it made him proud. The only problem is he is about dead after working 9 hour days and then working out. He doesn't have the strength to say, chop down a tree. It will get done or a storm will roll through and rip it out of the ground. Hey, if it landed in the road would the village be responsible for clean up? I may have come up with a plan.
DJ and I were talking about cars and I told him that I bought a 85 Firebird when I graduated high school. My car looked exactly like the one in the picture. Damn that thing could move.
DJ looked at the picture and said, "And you lived to tell about. Shocking."
For some reason, he thinks that I was a bit wild in my younger years. Why he thinks these things, I will never know.
Street racer,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Twisted Red Luck

This was a super busy and miserably productive weekend. Glad its over and glad that we got so much done.
So what do you think?
And after!!!!!!
Can you tell that I'm proud of our newly painted door? I just love it. DJ was like, "so we are one of those red door kind of people now." I'm not sure what he meant and I was too tired to ask. But I think he was referring to the yuppy types. I didn't care, he wasn't running my newly painted door buzz. And I had heard that painting a door red was lucky/brought in wealth. Not so in my case but I'm hoping that it is a delayed reaction.
Den is the good painter in the house. I am willing to paint but it is best to give me the jobs that no one cares about like....................................
the trim on the back door. Den pulled the deck away so that I could paint and he could stain. Remember that the deck is away from the backdoor, it will come into play later.
You know it is always a fucking problem around here. Since we put in the new fence and paid for it, the rest of the fence looks like crap. Den power-washed the old section. Well, its not in the greatest shape and dust and wood particles got on the neighbor's trailer, garbage cans and grill. He was PISSED. He slung stuff around for hours, complained loudly about us so we could hear and scrubbed everything from top to bottom. We have never been the type of people that are disrespectful of other people's property but it really was just dust and knocking it off with a broom would have worked.  I told Den maybe he should go over and say something. Den said how about I say, asshole. Hmmmmm, I normally the one that gets upset but Den was angry. Den said, I'm going to tell him that we tore down, paid for, helped install, and stained HIS FENCE. And now I'm power washing HIS OLD FENCE and staining it.
Not a great start to our weekend. Luckily, everyone stayed on their side of the yard. But it did seem that we were cursed and the red door wasn't helping us.
We all have colds here. Not terrible ones but runny noses and I'm losing my voice. Den said it was the best weekend of our marriage since I'm wasn't talking much. He thinks he is funny. I laugh at his low IQ.
When my voice is working, I sound like a man. A man with a very, very deep voice. I later asked Den if he wanted me to whisper sweet nothings in his ear and would that do it for him? He looked a bit uncomfortable and scared. The colds are just adding to everyone's misery.
Den power-washed the old playhouse so I could paint the trim. He managed to piss off a bunch of bees and get stung. While trying to get the bee off his arm, he smacked the wand of the power-washer on the ground and snapped it in two. He went in the garage to get the spare off the wall and dropped it on the light fixture that I bought for the bathroom and broke it. You can see how this is playing out.
We found some really cute light fixtures for $5 at a garage sale so Den replaced them. It was another problem. Nothing fit right and he kept dropping things but he managed to get them hung.
I'm so happy with the new fixture. Den also replaced the one on the front of the house. And since the power was shut off he decided to tackle this mess...........................

Its a bit hard to tell but this is the conduit going to the garage. The house/cement has shifted and pulled this apart. And the wires are exposed so when it rains, we lose power to the garage. Safety first.
Den had to get under the house and pound the piping loose to get it so it would reach again. The problem with the pounding part was it snapped the wires. The poor man was at the end of his rope or would it be wire?
He works for a wire company and had not one scrap of wire in the garage to use for the project. He about had a fit in the store when he had to pay $8 for wire and some other pieces that he had at work. 
I thought he was going to start jumping up and down with the way that things were going.
Of course, by the time that we got back the sun was down and he had to fix it before he could turn the power on. He used a flashlight and one of my solar powered lights to see so he could splice it together.

I some how kept managing to find things to paint all weekend. The little play house is better than before.

That lead to the side door on the garage.

Which led to the shed by the pool. All the while, it slightly misted and the mosquitoes made a meal out of me.

Den stained the deck by the pool while I worked on the shed. The mosquitoes didn't find him as tasty as me. 
The only bright spot to the weekend was the grill that Den's mom bought him. Bless her. I think using the grill was the only thing that stopped him from going on a murderous rage.
My luck wasn't that hot this weekend either. So late Sunday, Den wanted to fire up his grill. Remember how he pulled the deck away from the house, well I forgot about that. I stepped out the door with a tray of zucchini seasoned with a ton of italian dressing, wedged both feet between the house and the deck and fell forward. I twisted both ankles as I fell and landed on the zucchini. I'm sure that was a train wreck to watch. Some of the zucchini made it, others not so much. I luckily didn't break my ankles but they are a mess. One is black and blue and the other is very swollen.
DJ overslept for work the next morning.
No one in this house went unscathed this weekend.
Its hard to believe that we accomplished so much with so much working against us. Perhaps I got the red door wrong, maybe it's bad luck.
Was your weekend cursed?
Sonya Ann

Monday, June 29, 2015

Poor Planning

This is a picture of the area behind our garage and next to the pool. It's a dead area. We have never had anything there. Well, Den had a crappy boat when we first moved in but that went bye-bye.
The middle yard(it sounds like middle Earth from Lord of the Rings. Yes, I'm a dork.) has come together and the front yard needs a bit of work but it is passable. Our yard is divided into 3 sections. The back yard, the area with the pool, needs quite a bit of work.
So I am concocting a plan.

Yes, this is what we need to do. I'm sure it wouldn't cost that much. Ha!
Don't you think this is what we need to do? 
And since I'm dreaming, I'm throwing a hot tub over there too.
Oh hell, maybe we should tear down the pool and the deck and put in an inground pool. Perhaps, I should win the lotto before I start tearing things down.
This is a picture of the side of the house. It's a mess too. We usually drag junk over there when it won't fit in the garbage cans. And sometimes, I forget about feeding it in the cans and there is junk sitting there for a while. Don't tell anyone because I would be so ashamed if people knew about it.
So I'm cleaning this out too for................................................
Well maybe a fishing boat. I think we could squeeze, half carry, sorta drag a boat over there for Den. But I think that a hot tub should come first. Right?
Hmmmmm, again maybe I should work on winning the lotto first. Do you come up with crazy things like this too? Or am I in a delusional phase again?
Sonya Ann

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

This is awesome and kind of scary. Have you ever heard of Stoozing? It's brilliant but would take a lot of discipline. Run over to the Penny Hoarder and check out "Ever Tried This Credit Card Strategy? A Step-By-Step Guide to Stoozing."
This would take some planning and some pretty big balls. Would you try this? I'm on the fence.
Happy Sundaying,
Sonya Ann 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Blogger Spotlight!!!!

Here we are at another Blogger Spotlight! You guys are so devoted to me. Yes, I say guys instead of all of you. I'm from the ChiTown area, ya get what ya get around here.
Anywho, our lovely blogger of the day is $12 a day!! There is always something frugal going on over there! Pop over say hi!
Happy Saturday,
Sonya Ann

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fabulous Friday

Oh, I think I have found another project for me. Run over to and check out all the things that they are spray painting. This would be a great think to do to all the plastic flower pots that you can get at garage sales. I have a running list of things to upcycle.
More to do,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Boxes, Bags And Bins

I'm moving right along with my reorganizing/dejunking mess. I have to say it is getting easier. I'm being a bit ruthless but we never could keep a lot just because we didn't have the space for it. I'm enthusiastic but I haven't gotten under Anna's bed yet. All my excitement may end there.
I'm really happy with my stash.
And this was the messy before!
This little pile was in the bottom of the hall closet. It is where I kept the extra pens/paper/crayons for the kids. Oh I just remembered something...............................
Hahaha, why do I always get off topic?
In the back of the closet, I found this little gem of 2 year old Anna. Not sure what to do with it, maybe give it to her when she gets a home. Like she is ever going to settle on one place!
So much better! The baggies were pretty organized but this looks better. Now to convince Den that we need to cull the game population. Dirty minds will stay, don't worry.
Anna's closet is still a work in progress plus it is storing some of DJ's college gear so it will be a while before I get it just right but it is better.
I have discovered a few things about this family though because of the dejunking....................
We are a bunch of nerds!!! I always knew it but I had no idea the extent. Most of the boxes and bins in the house contain books. There are books stashed away everywhere. I'm thinking the Goodwill is going to get stacks of written words very soon.
What are you culling at your house? Don't say children.
Boxed not wine,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, June 24, 2015