Friday, July 29, 2016

Fabulous Friday

How cute is this?!?!?!?! I love cute and inventive storage solutions. And I love old luggage, not like I love containers and glass bottles but they still do it for me. This gem is from Babble. Run over there and check out all of the wrapping solutions. 
I bought this about two years ago(I stored it for over 6 months because I had no idea what I was going to use it for but I needed it) just cuz I thought it was cute. I spent an entire $1 on it at a garage sale.
I store all of my card making supplies in it. The cat does not fit in there no matter how hard I shove the lid closed. ;p
What is your best storage solution? Do you craft? Do you have a very naughty cat?
Happy Fridaying,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sharp Drugs

I'm so full of it today! Good ideas just good ideas.
I broke down and ordered from was so fed up with the cost of razors and blades that I figured I would take a chance and try them. Hip2Save often times has discount codes for them. It was $10 shipped for 10 blades and a handle. Can't complain about that!!! And it works as well as the expensive store bought razors that we normally use. Money saved, people.
I'm back on Synthroid. No, yay on that one. But I am supposed to start feeling more energetic soon. Yeah, sure. Maybe its the exhaustion making me cynical.
I heard about GoodRx and gave them a try. I'm paying $10/month at CVS, come to find out the same pills are $4 at Walmart. I will be switching that script over asap.
And for some reason I can't kick my container saving addiction. Doesn't that look useful to you?
My free containers, 2 cake mixes and frosting purchased with coupons and I'm happy. I'm even happier when I'm eating cupcakes.
Spill, do you save containers? Do you eat frosting out of the container? Do you search for cheap drugs?
Razor sharp,
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

Maybe this should be angry Wednesday. I guess we all have those days years. Can't wait to lovingly throw the boy out the door at Ball State. Errrrrr, wish him well on his life journey.

How did I do this when the kids were little and never left? Wow, I have a lot of self control. The fact that they are alive is proof.
I'm not saying that I have something planned but................................ 
And as an added bonus, go here and read this!!! You think your job is BAD!!! How about adding drug mule to your resume!! No really, you have to read this so we have something to talk about in the comment section. Did you ever have a job this bad? I had a boss that wouldn't stop touching me, that is so tame next to this poor guys story.
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Drinking Teacher

This was one of the best weekends Den and I have had. It ranks in the top 5 of our marriage. Guess what we did? Barely anything.
I took a picture of one of my baskets because I don't have much for ya. Friday, we pool drank. And DJ went to his grandparent's house.
Lettuce decided to grow in the basket and I didn't even plant it. I wonder if money will just sprout up randomly. If I get the seeds, I will share with you.
Saturday, we lounged around a bit. Then Den redid my brakes again! What is this like 6 times? He bought the expensive brake pads when he redid the brakes the first time and that was the problem. It wore the rotor unevenly. I hope this is the last time that he has to fix them That said, he can do a brake job in no time flat. I ran a beer deal at Jewel(buy a certain beer get $.01 bacon. Really, you can't lose with that deal!) and came back and he was taking it for a test drive. It's so much better. I said, he should get a job on a pit crew. He was not interested.
In celebration of my van being up to snuff again, we decided to run the beer deal again and pick up lunchmeat. And while at the deli counter, Anna called. I always get a knot in my stomach. But for once, she hadn't hit anything with the car but had wonderful news. SHE GOT A TEACHING JOB!!!!!!She interviewed for an assistant teaching job and as soon as she left, another principal called her and said that she was over qualified for the assistant job and would she be interested in being a third grade teacher. The man that she interviewed with called the other principal and said hire her now. She went to the second interview and already had it. She is now a third grade teacher in AZ and she starts on Thursday!!!!! I am so proud of her. Who would have thought she would have turned out!!!!! Den said its a bit scary to think that she is molding the minds of the next generation. Kids are tough and Anna is proof. ;p
Sunday, Den, DJ, myself and my inlaws went to see the new Star Trek movie. And it was awesome!!!!! I loved it and can't wait to add the DVD to our collection. I give it two nerdy thumbs up.
We came home and swam a bit and had sandwiches for dinner. How is that for boring!?!?!?!
How was your weekend? Did you see Star Trek? Did you eat sandwiches?
Sonya Ann 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Clean Killer

I'm not the sort of gal that buys expensive stuff. And that would be because I don't have money to waste. I've been invited to a few Norwex parties but I don't do those sort of parties. Have a BBQ and I'm all in. Don't invite me over to buy stuff. Lovingly said but still, me be poor and I can't be tempted. My MIL is easily tempted though and generous. She bought me the cleaning towels for about $30. Good Lord, these are the best things that I have ever cleaned with. A little elbow grease and a smile and everything is better than its ever been. And I'm not getting a cent for this endorsement. Seriously, if you ever get the chance buy them!!!! Plus I love the fact that the company is trying to help everyone cut down on the toxic chemicals that we use. There is no down side!!!

What kind of bone is this? I mean, I think that it is a rib bone but from what? Yeah, cuz that is a question that everyone needs to ask from time to time. This is the third bone like this that we have found in the 20 years that we have lived here. We found 2 right after we moved in and one just a few days ago. The bothersome thing about this is every time Den digs up the garden we find one. It's probably a rib bone from a dog or something, right?!?!?!
Sonya Ann

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Have you ever been a part of a class action suit? Nope, not me. Check out this article by the Penny Hoarder on 6 Open-Class Action Settlements. 
Spill, have you ever gotten money back from a lawsuit? I got in a car accident as a teenager and they sent me a check for $1600. I was rich. LOL. Mind you, I lost my memory for a while but hey, money was money at that age. And are you thinking, "so yeah, that explains a lot about Sonya."
Have you ever gotten settlement money? Have you ever lost your memory? 
Memory loss,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

Yay, I think that I am done with parties for a while!!!! We have none booked for this weekend. But check back on Monday to be sure. It's is supposed to be in the 90s this weekend and I bet the pool will sound real good to our friends. Which I am fine with a long as they bring liquor!
On the bill front, I got the craptastic electric bill. $130. That was actually quite a bit lower than I expected. But between the electric and the water bill, that is $300 spent. Ahhh what are you going to do but bend over and take it. I still haven't heard about the money that the state owes us. Yeah, IL is known for repaying their debts with speed. LOL. I'm hoping that we will have Den's car paid off soon. Pray to the debt fairies for me, will ya?
Den's car made it through a torrential downpour and no rain worked its way in the car. We are hoping that we won't have anymore problems with it.
Have you paid off anything lately? How's your electric/water bill? Does it rain in your car?
And our favorite person for the day is this adorable kitten!!! Run over to Our Little House in the Big Woods and look at this adorable kitty. Seriously, it's cuteness overload. I would have brought the little cutie home and let Den complain and then put her in his arms and walked off. I think a little kitten could win anyone over. Note to self-I do not need another cat.
What are you doing this weekend? Are you getting a new pet?
2 cat limit,
Sonya Ann

Friday, July 22, 2016

Fabulous Friday

I feel like all the fun summer stuff is passing me by, like old hubcaps. This little gem is from The Whoot! How much fun is this????? I think Den would love to put a bunch of these on the fence. I would love for him to do it too.
I haven't glued my head to my shoulder, yet. But I have glued a few of my fingers together and needed rescuing.
Tell me about your cutest project and make me ever so jealous! Do you have plans to make something cute this weekend? Are you going to glue yourself to yourself?(Name that movie?)
Pie lover,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Diabolical Cusser

Ahhhhh, it is so cute when Den and DJ fight. Den is more diabolical about it than I am. I can't control my temper to think it out and hatch a plan. I yell cuss words. Hey, I'm honest about it.
We have a one car driveway and its a tight squeeze. The house is on one side of the driveway and the fence is on the other side. Plus its a raised cement driveway so only one car can get through, no driving on the grass for us. DJ comes home late every night and blocks Den in. We have been parking cars in the front yard because there is just no place to put them. DJ either doesn't want to do this or is trying to tick his dad off. Den decided that he has had enough of moving his car every morning and hunting for the spare key so he got even. He put DJ's car in the front yard but he cranked the radio, moved all the mirrors, and set the power seat so that it was up against the wheel. It worked for a while but DJ is back to his old tricks. Den said that he is going to drive it to the back of the neighborhood and park it. Bahahahaha! It's just a matter of time. But knowing DJ, he would just swipe my van and leave. I'll have to hide my keys. I'll keep you posted. I think Den is on count down til the kid leaves for school.
Are you diabolical? Are you a cusser? Do you swipe cars?
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

So how is your life? Between kids and cars, life is a bit not fun right now. When the kids were little, I used to look forward to the summers. Then I would get about 3 weeks in and think, fall isn't so bad. And then when they went away to college, I learned that there was an entire new world out there and Den and I got used to being alone and happy. Sigh, how is it we can love such frustrating creatures?
In about a month, I will be cussing and driving DJ back to college. Mind you, we have nothing for his apartment but a couple of spoons and a crock pot. I'm not stressing, well maybe a little but all I can do is ask him what he needs. He says, "nothing." And nothing you shall have!
I thinking that I am perfecting my condescending tone. We all need hobbies, right?
My favorite thing is having to pull once sticky and now dried cups off of shelves and furniture. It's a gift, really.
How is your summer going? Are you condescending? Are you sober? Are the people you live with shit?
Talking down to people,
Sonya Ann