Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

Do you think that I could find a way to get him to show up at my house? Pants are optional. Should we give him your address? Why do people talk about going away!!!! It's so stupid. Hey, guess who is going to Vegas???? I'll be gone for about a week. Enjoy the silence!!!
Social Media Queen,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Throwup Fight

This weekend started out alright and then went on a downward slide. I'll give it a C- on the weekend scale.
We went to a new all natural grocery store. It was crazy money, CRAZY!
It was $4.19/lb for POTATOES!!! POTATOES!!!
We broke down and bought some coconut strips. They should have been called vomit crisps. They were so bad Den refused to give them to the animals. We pitched them. We way overpaid for organic throwup.
We also hit a few garage sales this weekend. I think this is where our weekend went wrong. Sigh. But I did get this window kit for $.50.
Instead of hunting bargains, we should have been doing yardwork. But Den did find DJ a $59.95 jacket for $5.
And $3 for movies!
And while at one garage sale, we saw that their neighbor had this SUPER COOL train set up throughout their yard. We took pictures over the fence like paparazzi.
We also tried to squeeze in weeding the entire yard, mowing, straightening bricks, mulching, planting a couple basil plants, pulling apart the garage to get the neighbor our tents, taking everything out of the shed and setting it out, cleaning everything in the shed, and reorganizing. Oh and raking the yard and sweeping. Hmmmm, and throw in a massive fight. I love my husband, he is a good man but I swear he has ADHD when it come to projects. He loses focus FAST and then takes a nap while I try and lug things around.
The only reason this weekend didn't get a failing grade was because I found this awesome Moscato. Trust me, drink Moscato instead of doing yardwork.
Thanks for letting me vent. And drink. LOL! Is your yard ready?
Sonya Ann

Monday, April 25, 2016

Laundry Punch

I'm either excited for our trip, an over-planner, or I enjoy making a mess. I like to try out my outfits before we go on vacation to check that they still fit and look alright. And since I was on a roll, I pulled everything else out and sorted what would work. My memory is shot so I snapped a quick picture so I would remember what I was going to take when I had to pack. We still only use a carry-on so I can't bring much but that is alright since it is WARM there!!! Yay, warm.
Maybe I just like making extra laundry. I do secretly like doing laundry. Well, when it is just the two of us, it isn't a chore. DJ changes more than a girl so its not such a treat when he is home.

When we get back from Vegas, the next day is Greek Easter and then I have to get DJ from Ball State a couple of days later. I have the feeling that we are going to be looking a bit worn by the time we are done.
Sonya Ann

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

I'm still poking around at the Penny Hoarder, oh and Pinterest. Who knew?
Anywho, I found an interesting read about "11 Surprisingly Affordable Healthy Foods You should have in Your Pantry." Not to brag but I have all but one in our stash. I have instant and regular rice but no brown rice so can I have a half point for the white and instant?
What is your go to cheap meal? I like to start with a box of noodles and see what I can make using them. We keep frozen chili and spaghetti so that is an easy meal. I'm also not above throwing some chopped up pepperoni, whatever veg we have on hand and some Italian dressing in a bowl and calling it dinner.
Hungry again,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Our 2016 Mission And my Favorite Person!!!

And here we are again! Time to fess up about what I got done this week. Not much! I felt as if I was a bit behind this week. Last weekend was a great weekend with family but it seemed to mess up my schedule. I'm still writing and blogging and editing some old code that some piece of crap hacked. The next few weeks are going to be more of the same I think. DJ will be home soon and that always messes me up for a couple of weeks. Love him but he is messy and needs food way more than Den and I do. I've been going through the bills too. We still operate on a pretty bare budget but the car insurance seems high. We have been with them for a few years and I think they are taking advantage of our loyalty. Switching is a frustrating job especially the home owners. We also are trying to figure out if we are on the high end of property taxes and how to get it lowered. So there is plenty on my plate, I'm just chewing slowly.
And my favorite person is Jill from Blessings of a Stay at Home Mom!!!! They moved and she posted so much about the new house. Stop over and see her new house!!!
Busy maybe,
Sonya Ann

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fabulous Friday

This looks like such a fun kids project! Heck, it looks like a fun grownup project. I'm thinking this would make an awesome Mother's day present. Now all we need is a few little kids. Oh and some bleeding art tissue, sounds a bit sinister to me. Run over to It's Always Autumn and check out the project. I wonder if this would work on flower pots?
Sonya Ann

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cucumber Granola

I think that it is the granola season. Or would it be use up whatever is in the cabinet season? Or the broke season? I'm not sure but it seems that everyone is involved in this little season. Jane from Crabapple Landing was part of my inspiration. Check out her kitties, I mean nachos, no, really her granola. It is safe to say that her granola is prettier than mine. And since I wanted to use up some really expired honey and nuts, I had to punt a bit like Anne in the kitchen. And it is safe to say that she is a better punter than I am.
Here is the original recipe.......
 4 cups oatmeal 3/4 cup pecans  1/2 cup brown sugar, packed  1/4 teaspoon cinnamon  1/4 cup shredded coconut 3 tablespoons butter  3 tablespoons oil  1/4 cup honey(spray the measuring cup with Pam and it will slide right out) 2 tablespoons sugar  5 teaspoons vanilla  Preheat oven to 325 and adjust racks to the middle. Spray 2 9x13 pans with Pam. Mix first 5 ingredients in a large bowl. Combine butter, oil, honey and sugar in a sauce pan and heat until melted, add vanilla. Pour the liquid over the oat mixture and stir well. Spread on sheets. Bake until golden brown 15-20 minutes.

I was out of my element by winging it. I mixed the oatmeal, brown sugar, and cinnamon in a bowl and then realized I didn't have shredded coconut. I found some dehydrated coconut and grated it and my finger nail. Then threw that in minus the chunk of nail. 
I then combined butter, oil, honey/nut mess and sugar. Only to realize there wasn't enough honey and squirted a gob in there and added the vanilla because I can't read directions.
I then added all of the dry ingredients and baked the snot out of it.
Who knew this would turn out!?!?!?! The nuts are a bit chewy but I think that is from spending years, yes I said years, dipped in honey. I think next time I make this I will use some of the old honey/nut mixture and some normal youthful nuts.
And if you aren't into granola(which is really good by the way), how about cucumbers?
Old nuts,
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Knackered Minions

I'm beyond knackered! We made a quick run with my Inlaws to see DJ this weekend. And my Sister-in law, Cindy, her hub, Chris and the boys, Justin and Andrew drove from OH and met us.
The boys adore DJ. He has crazy little minions.
It was pretty late on Friday night by the time everyone got back to the hotel. We went to Lone Star to eat and then crashed.
Saturday morning, the boys were up super early to swim. I wish I could have a few ounces of their energy.
DJ was tired because he had a test to study for and the boys wouldn't let him sleep. Secretly, I think he likes that they worship him even if he gets punched in the balls on occasion.
DJ bought both of the boys Ball state Tshirts and washed them because they have terrible skin allergies. What DJ failed to realize was he bought girls shirts. My nephew didn't seem to mind. He looked like a Ball State hooker. WTH DJ!!!!

The boys loved the waterfall. It was perfect out and we walked for hours and hours and HOURS. We walked 4.4 miles just at the college. I gained 4 lbs this weekend. Hmmmm, can I unwalk the miles and give back the 4 lbs?

Jim Davis went to Ball State so there is plenty of Garfield tributes around the college and town. David Letterman went to Ball State too but I've yet to see a statue.

We made a quick run to Walmart to get DJ and his roommate supplies and found the most awesome display ever. I was trying to find a way to sneak the millennium falcon out of the store. I mean, we need this!!!! I was more than willing to tie it to the top of the car and drive home with it.

Saturday night, we left DJ in charge of the boys(poor kid) and we went to the casino. We all lost but Den, Cindy, Chris and I got pretty shitfaced. Like bad. Who knew? My poor inlaws were the DDs. Den and I went with Donna and before we got home we decided we needed Taco Bell. Yum.

This was the picture text to us of Chris when he received his tacos.

And my sister in law was just as stoked. It was after 3am when we went to bed.
We left Sunday and I didn't take one picture. That was partly because I was tired and partly because I didn't want to leave the fun.
We are now recovering and doing laundry. I think we are going to have to plan another trip like this one but I think that our fun will be over when DJ turns 21 and can go to the casino with us. We will lose our free babysitter.
Sonya Ann

Monday, April 18, 2016

Triangle Gringos

This is a great gringo tip. If you are Hispanic, well you know this already and the gringos look like they have been left out of the loop for a while.
Do you love tortillas but they get stale and hard too soon?
Wrap your hard tortillas in a paper towel, make sure they are completely covered. Place them in a gallon baggie and nuke them. I start at 30 seconds and then work my way up until they are hot and not stale. Better than new!
Do you buy vats of Salsa Verde? I do. But it runs out like soup on your food.
A small triangle cut in the safety cover and I'm not eating salsa soup. And if you are looking for an amazing crockpot chicken recipe, go here!!! It is one of our go to meals now!
Do you eat a lot of Mexican food? Do you have any food cheats?
Verde with envy,
Sonya Ann