Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wooden Toe

This is a blurry picture of Indian food!!!! I was so excited, I took a crap picture. LOL.
Aldi has the Indian food kits back and I loaded up. I bought enough kits to make it once a month for a year. The tikka masala and the vindaloo rock!! And the kits are only $1.99 each.
Oh and we pool drank Friday. It was probably our last swim of the year. The temperature isn't going to be high enough to support life pretty soon. ;p
Saturday, Den, Donna(my MIL) and I were going to go to Irish fest but the weather wasn't cooperating so we did the only sane thing and hit the casino in Milwaukee. We all ate for free at Ru-Yi and then played for a few hours. We all walked out even so I would say it was a pretty good day. Den hit for $200 twice and was kind enough to share with both of us. My MIL hot for $100 and I hit for $28. I was the problem in the group.
On the way home, we went to Woodmans in Kenosha. It is one of the few place my MIL can get the coffee that my FIL loves. They also have an amazing liquor store. I mean, we just had to go. I found a new drink, its called Mike's Harder-mango. Long story short, we came home, I drank a few not realizing that the alcohol content was much higher and managed to stub my toe on the couch and break it. Den laughed really hard, me not so much.
Sunday, I woke up and somehow managed to put my shirt on backwards and then headed out. I'm just great.
We hit the Red School cafe first.
The food was yummy even with my shirt on the wrong way.
Next we hit the adorable produce stand in WI. Yummy corn and peaches!!!! Go us.
Then we went to the barn sale that is just down the road. It's quite scary there. I feel as if I need a shower and a tetanus shot afterward.
Den always manages to get in my shots. How cool is this old stove? I felt sorry for it sitting out in the elements but my guess is it won't be there long.
We hit a few garage sales after the barn sale. We spent $18 for all this. Den keeps bringing life jackets to the owners of the camp site that he goes to. They are just scraping by. He has his moments, doesn't he?
We scored 3 life jackets, 2 pieces of cedar, 2 watering globes, and some sort of fishing/net ladder thing-y.
As we were leaving the garage sale where we got the wood, I said to Den," She gave you wood." I thought I said it softly. I have been informed that I never say anything softly. Well, the woman heard me, repeated it loudly and then laughed for a long time. For me being so funny, I received the "shut the hell up" look from my hubs. Being made fun of builds character, Den has a TON of character.
I finally got real watering globes!!!! $1 for both is awesome!!!!
Sunday night, we barbecued and ate yummy steak and corn. I was happy!
What did you do this weekend? Did you make fun of Den? Did you snap a toe? Did you find a new favorite drink?
Wood giver,
Sonya Ann

Monday, August 22, 2016

Star Piss

Some people rescue animals(Well, I do that too) but I mostly like to save flowers. These were dying at Walmart a few years ago and I snagged them. My flower smart MIL told me these are dianthus. I say they are red flowers but who am I to argue. Oh wait, I argue a lot. We all have our strong suits.
She told me a while ago if you trim them after all of the flowers are dead, they will bloom again. Ok, I stored that in the back of my mind. Actually, I forgot it and then everyone was coming over for the 4th of July and they looked terrible. So I chopped off the dead part and low and behold, more flowers bloomed later.
Speaking of Den's side of the family, they all went to Alabama for a quick trip. My nephew got stung by a jelly fish and his brother loved nothing more than to piss on him. I think this might need to be made into a Christmas card.
Speaking of Christmas, I think I found a gift for Anna. She said getting into a car in AZ is miserable. I mean who couldn't use a Star Wars car visor!!!!!!
What's up with you? You peed on anyone lately? You chopped the heads off anything today?
Sonya Ann
PS-Sluggy is having another giveaway!! Run over there and tell her to pick me. Ok fine, you can enter too!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

Duuuuuuuddddddeeeeee, pass it. Do you have the munchies? Well, yes it is obvious that I like snacks. Have you seen my BUTT?
This has to be the strangest way to make a living yet!!!! Roll joins and make money. Run over to the Penny Hoarder and read about Weed Art. Why can't I think of something like this and make a living at it!?!?!?! Could I turn liquor into art? How about frozen wine sculptures? Liquor doesn't freeze the greatest though. Hmmmmm, I'll have to work on this.
How about you, do you toke? Do you wish for an easy job?
Not stoned,
Sonya Ann

Saturday, August 20, 2016


I normally post about what I accomplish on Saturdays. I'm calling it-I got it all done.
DJ and I left on Monday morning at about 9:30am. I figured since he had never driven in Chicago, we would miss all of the traffic if we left then. I was so so wrong. I was the lead and I somehow managed to ditch him leaving our damned neighborhood. How the hell does that even happen?!?!?! Not a good start. I finally had to call him and tell him to get his ass in gear. I told him I would slow down to 70 and he needed to kicked up to 80. He started complaining and I yelled at him. In a difficult situation, I will yell at you until you do what I want. Anna says it somehow has a soothing effect. Feel the sooth.
The traffic was so fierce at times that I thought to myself, well the boy had a good life and it was nice knowing him.
We stopped in IN and we went to my favorite Chinese buffet. This is what the kid looked like after driving through Chicago and then Gary. He looks older.
After a few more hours of driving, we made it to the apartment. DJ is living with Cammie and Lincoln. Cammie moved in first. She had most of the stuff since she had an apartment before.
It is an adorable 4 bedroom. And Cammie gets most of the credit. She is a sweet girl and fixed it up with second hand and hand me downs.
Then DJ and I got busy hauling crap back to his apartment. Two days of moving/buying crap.
He brought the bedroom furniture that he had at home. It's heavy. Very heavy.
When the three roomies were deciding how to split everything, Cammie wanted her own bathroom. That was a good call. Lincoln wanted the biggest bedroom. Cammie got the second largest bedroom. DJ got the smallest bedroom and then claimed the fourth bedroom as a game room. They all got something.

This is his actual bedroom. He's happy and packed in there.
It was a hell of a trip and I managed to charge so much that I locked up 2 credit cards for fraudulent charges. That ate up 30 minutes to straighten out. But I was glad to be sitting. It was hot and I was tuckered out.

I'm back and sad. I have no kids at home. DJ's empty room isn't helping me any. But I will say that it is easy to clean. Anna did text and say that she has quite a bit of time off and can now plan a trip home. I suspect that Den had something to do with her text. It was almost perfectly timed. I'll be fine. I just need to fix up the room like I did Anna's.
I spent the end of the week trying to get caught up around here. 
So what have you been up to lately? What did I miss in your world?
Sonya Ann

Monday, August 15, 2016

Overloaded Slut

If everything is going according to plan, we are out the door and heading for Ball State. I'm trying to block out the fact that DJ has only driven on the tollway for a few miles and is in a "new" car and following me. Oh and he has never driven in the city.
It will be fine. Deep calming breath.
And this is what I will be like when I get back. I may not even be this well off. Oh and just a quick service tip, NEVER and I mean NEVER google Crazy Mom Pictures. Holy shit, there are some slutty moms. Like WOW!
Off and running.
Sonya Ann
PS-I won't be posting for a few days. I'll be up and running maybe the end of the week? Your guess may be as good as mine.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday!!!!

I've never said this before but I'm pretty sure that this article was written for me. Run over to the Penny Hoarder and read their article on "6 Affordable, Summery Batch Cocktails to Bring to Your Next Pool Party!" Just soak up the post!!!! Would it be wrong for me to drink the entire batch myself?
I did make "Panty Droppers" and whoa, it was good and drunken-ing. I'll have to post about it. Well, when I remember it. LOL
Do you drink? Do you batch drink? Do you drop your panties?
Sonya Ann

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

I'm flying by the seat of my pants here. Forgive the nuttiness/scattered/ramblings of this post.
Cheapchick sorted my problems and I feel as if I should pay her for therapy. Perhaps, DJ wasn't such a monster and I was dreading him leaving. He's the last kid to go and I know that he won't be coming back. I may have spent some time crying this week and sorting more. And see, the kids always said that I didn't have tear ducts or emotions.
The kids turned out and now I have to really let go. I'm in a better place emotionally. I'll go visit them and sleep on their couches. Perhaps drink their liquor. I'll plan trips so that helps.
Den is in madness at work. People keep retiring or leaving and they replace no one. He's doing the best he can with little help from others. He's miserable. Even beer isn't helping.
Anna is rocking it as a teacher. She was always the sort of person that needed action and boy, did she get it. Third graders will keep you hopping. I'm so very proud of her and I miss her. Den promised that we will go out and see her. And DJ. Maybe he can see my emotions more than I can.
I've sorted most of the new car junk. Bleck.
Den said to me once that everyone gets super powers even if they don't know it. He can tell what foods a person hates even if they don't tell him. He says its a stupid super power. My super power is to fry out electronics when I'm stressed. Guess what? My phone is acting up. You know the phone I use as a GPS so I can find my way to Ball State. WTF!!!!! I'm an E.M.P. Den said that is a way cooler super power. Ummmm, no. It's just an expensive super power.
And with everything else going on, I'm house sitting for my inlaws. Yay.
Don't ask about the bills. Just don't.
And everyone run over and tell sluggy that she is loved!!! She is going through a rough time. I LOVE YOU SLUGGY!!!!! People come and go but the good ones stick around. Your crazy ass isn't getting rid of me. Lucky you!!!
Do you have a super power? Bet you thought mine was to drink, didn't ya? Are your running around like a nut? Is your world off-center?
Sonya Ann

Friday, August 12, 2016

Fabulous Friday

This neat idea didn't have a link so whoever posted it, you have an adorable planter! Not that I want to start thinking about mums cuz that means fall. But I could probably manage to glue a few pots together and put more junk in the yard make a fall-ish decoration.
It is probably best that I don't make all of the projects that I find on Pinterest.
I would probably end up with a house looking a bit like this one. I ask Den and the kids quite often if I have gone too far with my projects. They say no but I think they might be afraid of me.
Are you cute or cluttered?
Leaning on cluttered,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Blooming Pesto

We haven't gone for a stroll around the yard lately. Are you up for it?
The deck is still a wonderful addition to the front of the house. Haha, get it? Yeah, I need help.
The garden in the middle yard is happy as hell.
Remember how I tried to plant Morning Glories for years and had no luck. We even put up the trellis in hopes of growing them. Now that I have given up, they are growing like a weed(see what I did there) in the corner behind the trellis.
This is my herb garden by the back door. I'm a bit scared that it is going to swallow up a small child. I think its time to trim everything back. Or make pesto.

This is a plant that my MIL got me cuz she like me. I am pretty sure she is the only one. ;p
This is Den's favorite plant. Mind you, he bought it for me for Mothers day.
Hard to believe but I am growing cherry tomatoes and they are thriving!!!!! I've gotten a few handfuls already. Go me! Go tomatoes!!!
And for the backyard! It is still there. Who knew?!?!?!
These are the odds and ends that I didn't know what to do with so I put them up against the fence. Maybe this is where DJ should live.
And this is my favorite plant in the yard. Den planted this one but I'll take credit for keeping it alive.
And that's all I got for ya. Is it a slow news day at your house too? Do you have a garden?
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

I'm not saying that I am getting burned out on people in this house. I will say I am in need of a break.
It has been said that I have a quick temper but that is so not true. Everyone is still alive. Barely.
Is lazy and mouthy a diagnosis? Am I the only one that is burned out on their kids?
Ahhhhhh, the only thing keeping me out of prison!
How about you, are you close to going to jail? Do you diagnose the people you live with? Do they have fucker syndrome?
Sonya Ann
PS-To be fair, I love my family, its just some days.............................................