Sunday, September 25, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday!!!!

Ahhhh, another Penny Hoarder post!!!! Go read this post and then come back and comment about all the areas for improvement!!! $153.68 for one person and a dog is crazy money for the week. I do like though that she is completely honest about it and then gives links to other articles for saving money. Den and I aren't spending that much a week for both of us and two cats and that would include our liquor bill which is quite extensive. ;p
What do you think? Cut the Quest bars?
Sonya Ann

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

Here was are again, I have to fess up for what I accomplished this week. I washed my hair, does this count?
It is slowing down a bit around here. I very happy for that. The yard doesn't need the work that it once did and that's cuz the pool is closed.
On the bill front, I paid a bit more off the car payment/credit card. And I have 2 months left on the cell phones. I am this (------) close to paying everything off.
Oh and I'm getting the Halloween itch. It's a good itch. No red bumps or oozing.
I love getting the decorations out. Well, I love when Den gets them out from under the house and then we decorate.
And our favorite person is..............US! Seriously, we are all CRAZY. My Wednesday post made me laugh. I wrote about how Grandpa Mott had a few too many and tried to drive him and his Cadillac  off a pier into the Chain of Lakes. Then people were chiming in about their crazy families!!!!!
This would probably be the time to mention Den's uncle that robbed a bank, stole a car, then bought a gun, went looking for a hooker and couldn't find one, got drunk, fell asleep in a corn field and then lost all the money.
Here is Rachel's story......
Hmm.. craziest family story....well I had a great uncle in Tennessee (where my mom is from) whose wife wanted him to build them a house (which he did for a living). Well he dug out the basement, went on a drinking binge, argued with his wife, and then decided to put a roof on it and that was her house. No indoor plumbing, or anything. The last time we visited him, he was still living in his basement house, his wife was living with her kids (whose nicknames were Fat and Slim) in the next town over. We arrived on a Sunday morning and he was on his way to the drive through to get his beer for the day. Actually most of my crazy stories are about my relatives in Tennessee. My great aunt, lived on the top of a mountain in a shack with cardboard ceilings. She was so thrilled when we showed up to show my grandmother that she finally had electricty to run one light bulb in her living room and to run a refrigerator. When we opened her fridge all she had in there was 3-24 packs of Mountain Dew.
Here is Janie Junebug's story.......
When my mom visited me thirty years ago after my daughter was born, I asked her to draw a family tree and write down some information about her family. She pointed to one woman's name and said, SHE ran away with the milkman and no one ever spoke to her again.
 Here is Elephant's Child story........................
My family is boring. Or skilled liars.That said, the first time my partner's parents saw me I was splattered in cow manure and punching their son in the stomach.
Here is Anne in the kitchen's story............
Supposedly my great grandfather fled Germany after killing someone. At least that is the rumor in the family.
 Here is Wendy @ The contented Cavern's story.................
I always wanted a cosmopolitan family never got it until now my mum at 86 has buggered of to Italy with her next door neighbour and is having a fab time he is 87 lol. I think it's great. My family were dull when I was growing up although I did used to practice yoga with my dad as a child.

Honestly, we are a crazy bunch with wonderful stories. Seriously, we should drink. ;p
Any other stories?
Happy Saturday,
Sonya Ann

Friday, September 23, 2016

Fabulous Friday

I've come up with another project. I saw this on Pinterest but it didn't have a working link. Sad. Anywho, Den wants a boat. And right about now you are thinking, "what the hell does a boat have to do with this sidewalk?" I know, I think things like that about me all the time too. At least, we agree that Sonya is batshit crazy.
Where was I? Ahhh yes, complaining about Sonya. No!
Den's boat! There we go, back on track again.
He wants something big enough to make him happy. But I don't want to pay for storage. Sooooooo, I was thinking that we could ever so gently have the AC unit on the side of the house moved and then cement that area. I mean, its just wasted space. He could then store the boat for free.

He wants something like this. 
Maybe I could make him something like this and then we wouldn't need to buy a boat or cement the side of the house. I don't think he would be as enthused about the lawn chair as a fishing boat. Hey, maybe we could use a toilet instead of the lawn chair. Ohhhhh, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes, I understand why Den gets mad at me.
Not fishing,
Sonya Ann

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Master Mater

Ahhhh, my beloved tomato plants. Den was right, the cherry tomatoes do much better here. And they didn't crap out on us like the basil. :(
Summer is coming to an end here and I'm still getting a handful of tomatoes a day. I always hate the end of the summer. And I'm ready to cry when I have to pull dead plants out of the ground. But hey, do you want to read something funny? Reread the title of this post fast. Bahahaha, snort, laugh.
Guess what I figured out? No really guess? Being a nice person gets you free stuff!!! JcPenneys sends me coupons. I normally only use the $10 off $10 coupon. Hey, I'm cheap. Oh wait, you knew this. Anywho, I always give the rest of the coupons to the next person in line or the cashier to give out. (It's a long drive for me so I know I won't get back before it expires.) Guess who looks like a big spender? Yeah, el cheapo here! I also do this for any other stores that I get coupons for.
Ok, go back to rereading the title. Giggle, giggle, snort.
Do you giggle? Do you have any tricks that earns you free stuff?
Sonya Ann

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wicked Wednesday

Hard to believe but I went weeks without drinking. What's wrong with me?
This is probably the saying of every frugal person, right? It's a sin to waste.
This one made me laugh and then think about Grandpa Mott. Ok, never repeat this but Den's Grandpa got shit faced and drove his car onto a peer. It was teetering on the edge. He was lucky he didn't go in. Yeah, he didn't have a license for a long time.  Seriously, don't repeat that one.
I know people that say that about me! I don't get offended, I agree.
Ok, spill what's the craziest family story that you have? Look, I need leverage over you.
Sonya Ann

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Duck And Weave Shopping

It was another fun and busy weekend. I have to say that its easier to do things without kids and their plans. I miss them but being a brat is fun.
Den only works half-days on Fridays so we went to the new Portillos in Gurnee. It was over the top good. Honestly, if you ever get a chance, go to Portillos!
You could spend hours looking at all of the decorations. Oh and another tip, go during off hours. Otherwise, its miserably crowded.
We also located a few garage sales. It's slim pickings anymore. Before we were able to spend all day just in Antioch going from sale to sale. Now we have to drive all over to find a few.
It wasn't a bad haul though. Weed killer, 2 candles, brass fittings(to be recycled), 4 silicone trays for homemade lotion(YAY!), a 4th of July serving tray, 5VHS tapes(Den thinks they are worth something. But I should shut up cuz that book he got is worth $250. Well, if he could find a buyer.) 5DVDs and a path maker. It was $13.50 for all of it.
It's going to be a very slow process for making a path if he only has one. I have the feeling that the path maker will be something else that takes up space in the garage.
Saturday, I got to dogsit Zeus. He's adorable and full of energy. I lucked out and just had to go my neighbor's house to watch him. Love dogs and all but I don't miss the mess.
We also closed the pool on Saturday. That is never fun. We normally get snippy with each other during this job and this year was no different. I blame Den. And I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that he blames me for the misery. It's not a happy job. But it's not fun having to maintain a pool that is too cold to swim in so once it's closed everything goes back to normal.
Sunday, we went on a recon mission to find furniture for DJ's room. We went to Steinhafels first.
DJ's room is super small so we want a daybed that has a pullout under it and just a dresser. Which means we have to buy everything separate and that costs more.
It was $349 for just the bed there.
It was $299 for the same bed at Total Furniture just down the road. My thinking is lets just continue down the road until we get it for free. I have been told things don't work that way.
I was going to edit this picture and then decided that the sky looked awesome and you needed to see it. You are welcome!
Then we went to Hobo, the uber-cheap hardware store in the "duck and weave" neighborhood. We didn't find any daybeds that would work for us but they did have super cheap and semi-decent mattresses.
Den wanted to buy everything and get it done with but I felt as if we should hold off and see if anything else comes up. I think the cheap part of me was talking.
Sunday night, Den made rouladen cuz he had a hankerin' for it. Then we watched some of the movies that we got garage saling. We living the exciting life.
Anything happen in your part of the world? Did you dog sit? Did you have a hankerin' for anything? Ever been to Portillos?
No spender,
Sonya Ann

Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Aloe

Even my makeup bag is happy!!! Please tell me you see it and that I haven't gone completely crazy.
Sometimes, I think Den likes to experiment on me. He read on Facebook that aloe makes hair super soft and shiny. I was skeptical. Den gutted a hunk of the aloe plant that we got for a $.25 a while ago and said try it. Fine. If it didn't work out, I was going to plan some sort of retaliation though.
This is absolutely one of the best things that I have ever put on my hair.  I'm not exaggerating, it took 10 years off of my hair. It is simply amazing and it lasts for about a week. I wash my hair every day so it probably would have lasted longer if I didn't wash it daily.
There are a few things about the process that I should warn you about. Pure aloe smells a bit. So wash your hair, aloe your hair and then condition it. Also make sure that you blend the aloe or its like rubbing clots in your hair. It will also cause your hair to have some flyaway issues but its just because your hair is super soft. 
The oddest part of all of this is the aloe mixed with something stained the counter. Den was chopping a ton of food and it had a reaction. We got the stain off eventually with a bit of scrubbing. My thought is this would make a great hair dye. I've experimented with a few different foods and the aloe that I know Den was chopping but I still can't get it to turn brown. When/if I figure it out, I'll see if it will dye my hair.
Do you have any odd beauty tips? Have you ever had an odd reaction? Do you have a happy makeup bag?
Old bag,
Sonya Ann

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Makin' It And Savin' It Sunday

I enjoyed this article at Penny Hoarder about paying off your mortgage or investing the money. In the end, I guess that it depends on the person and their situation. We are paying our mortgage down quickly. We pay extra and we pay every other week. When it is paid off, we will be saving about $700/month. That will be amazing!! And if anything ever happens with Dens job, living here will be cheaper than rent. But if Den had a job where we had to move every few years, I don't think I would pay it down. I think I would save the money.
Spill! What do you think, pay it off or invest it?
Sonya Ann

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Our 2016 Mission and Our Favorite Person!!!!

It was a getting back in the swing of things sort of week. It feels as if I haven't been in a groove since before DJ got home. Den was back to work this week and I finally got back to working on my books. I missed that and for some reason my mind always feels more settled and stable. Once I get my ideas out, I have clarity.
I've got the car bill under $900. This whole thing was a refresher course for me in being broke. Maybe I just needed a reminder. Mind you, I'll be happy when its paid off. I'm not going to bring up the fact that I am going to need a new van soon. Ol' Girl is having some issues. Before she only opened and closed her doors, changed radio stations and acted crazy when it was cold, now her electrical problems are all the time. I'm not even going to bring up the fact that we need a new garage door, bedroom furniture for DJ's room, and Christmas is coming up and I have like $15 in my savings for that holiday. Nope, not talking about it. ;p
And our favorite person for the today is One Hundred Dollars a Month!!!!! Pop over there and read about all of the deals going on!
Did you ever have a refresher course in bills? Do you have a crazy ass car that fucks with you at every turn? Are you close to paying something off?
Sonya Ann

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fabulous Friday

This is the cutest thing ever that I would never be able to make. To be honest, cutting a straight line is not easy for me. Just ask CVS, those poor souls have seen my coupons.
But if I had tons of time and talent, I would make these FOREVER!
Run over to cloverdesain and check out all the beautiful ways to wrap presents. The scarf one I might be able to do. Maybe.
What is your best craft ever? What was your worst?
Not crafting.
Sonya Ann