Sunday, September 21, 2008


A neighbor of ours stopped over the other day. He is a very sweet person and I know that he was well meaning in his advise but sometimes I wonder about people.
He was talking about how he went back to school and got his degree. And he was encouraging my husband to do the same. And I understand that he had nothing but the best intentions, I don't see how having a degree has helped him. I know, I know and just to let you know I think that bettering yourself is what this life is about. Not just bettering yourself monetarily but also spiritually.
Anyways, they ran up about $40,000 in debt to get his degree. So to handle this level of debt they rolled it into their mortgage. Never mind the fact that his company paid him to go to school and they just spent the money. Then one month to the day after getting his degree, he moved out in search of a trophy wife. He left his kids and moved into an apartment. Needless to say he did not find a trophy wife and eventually moved back in. But in the process they ran up more debt trying to sustain two households. Forget the fact that their marriage was never the same and they now live like roommates just trying to maintain their household.
Now he decides to find a better job because he deserves more. And yes he did get a much better job. Close to doubling what he was making before. My guess is that he was pushing $100k a year. And his wife worked and was making very decent money. But now that he was making more, he also deserved more and spent it faster than it was coming in. Any trinket that caught the family's eye was purchased. Their house at this point was in need of many repairs just as their marriage.
Forward to now, their house is a mess. Nothing is ever fixed or taken care of, everything festers. Now they have mortgaged the house so many times there is no room and are on the brink of losing it all.
My thinking is yes a degree can help you in so many ways but maybe working on every area of your life is the way to go. Balance.
But maybe I should just shut up because I'm not educated enough to know what I'm talking about. After all I'm just a mom.
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