Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So I called AT&T. Like a dork I always write down the time I call at, the person I spoke to and the date. It helps if you need to call back, you have a little proof. Anyways, I called at 9:17 am and was on hold until 10:29am so when they finally said that I was being transfered to an operator. They hung up on me, well I don't know if they hung up or we were some how disconnected. What the Hell, right. So this time I called back and I keep thinking just cancel the home phone because we mostly use our cell phones and I wasn't happy with them at all. Any ways when I called back instead of trying to dial the proper department, I dialed the payment department. We always pay our bills on time and have never had a late fee and any ways they just charge our credit card. Guess what the call went right threw, I didn't even wait 2 minutes. I guess they want their money first before all else. So I told her what happened and she transfered me to a supervisor. And in the middle of talking to the supervisor, my call was dropped. She called right back and said that it must be my phone. Whatever! To make a long story short(not possible for me) my bill went from about $45 a month down to $24. We gave up caller ID and call waiting but we really don't us the phone. She went back and looked at our usage and we made 16 calls last month. The new plan includes 30 local calls and the rest is $.06 a call. She said that even going and looking at a few months past we didn't go over. And we get to keep our 120 minutes of long distance for $5 a month. So we will see if this helps or not. Now if all the other companies would drop my bills by almost half. So it was worth over an hour of my time. And I did make a batch of muffins while I was on hold so it wasn't an entire waste.
Thanks for your time and I'll keep you posted on the other companies,

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