Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My aunt Grace who is 87 just called me. My cousin Ryan's 4 month old baby just passed away. He found his daughter in her crib. They think that it is SIDS. He tried to do CPR but it was too late. It's just an awful sinking feeling. We will be leaving to go down there on Friday. Den is off and DJ is off of school for an institute day. SO Anna will be the only one that will need to miss a day. It's a 7 hour drive and we will be staying in a hotel. Of course we didn't plan for this so we will be robbing the Christmas fund to pay for the trip and give a little bit to help cover the funeral. My heart is breaking for them. When I was on the phone I could barely hear her because the sobbing of the family members was so loud. It was truly pitiful. It makes me feel so guilty that I have so much and they are suffering so. That my children are healthy and he will never have a chance to know his beautiful little girl. Please say a prayer to help with their suffering.
Thank you,

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