Thursday, September 18, 2008

money saving tips

Well, it's going to be a short post today, I'm tired. I drove to my in-laws and cleaned their house and in an effort to save gas I stopped on the way back and picked up the fresh fruit and veggies we need for the week. I think we will be doing our big shopping in about 2 weeks.
All this posting has me thinking about what I'm doing to save money. It feels like I'm not doing enough though because we are always broke. Anyways.
The best tip that I've found on line is to save plastic gift cards when they are empty and use them for a scraper in the kitchen. This really saves money on the scrubby sponges. Just soak your pan for an hour or so and then use the gift card to scrape it out. It's wonderful. And instead of using your hand to scrape up flour off the counter, I use the gift card and it is much neater.
My best tip is chap stick for dry and chapped knuckles. It gets so cold here in the winter so between dishes and the cold my hands get so chapped. Sometimes they crack and bleed. So I just buy cheap chap stick and rub it on my knuckles before bed and by morning they are back to new. And this is so much cheaper than all the expensive lotion that never really helped anyways. Just be careful not to get it on an furniture or your sheets.
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Sue said...

I just found your blog and am really enjoying it - it is gong to take me awhile to get through it though :) I LOVE the chapstick idea for your knuckles - it doesn't get that cold here in California, but I have really dry skin....that is a wonderful idea!!!

I never buy scrubbies either - my friend knits them out of toile as a way to "relax" and keeps me with a good supply - I love them - they don't scratch but are tough enough to get gunk off and when they get gross.....throw them in the dishwasher or the garbage can!!!

Sonya Ann said...

Sue-Thank you for stopping by to see me.
You are blessed that you are in CA and don't have to worry about cold weather. But I guess you are worrying a bit about water. Anna, my daughter, just moved for CA and said that the weather was perfect.
I have tried to knit before and I guess that I don't have the patience for it. There was nothing relaxing about it. LOL