Tuesday, September 23, 2008

saving a little more

So I've been looking at our bills since I posted them. I think that I can do a little better. Of course I can''t change the morgage. Well I could if I really needed too and it would add an extra $200 about a month but we really want to pay it off a little quicker. So I'm going to leave that alone but I think that I'm going to see if I can't reduce some of the other bills a little. It would be nice if I could shave a few bucks off each one. I think that we need a little wiggle room.The good news is I just got a letter from travelers and they are knocking off $24 a month off of our car insurance. So what I did is split the savings 3 ways. I figure that since Anna is paying her own insurance it would only be fair. She was paying $126 a month so now it will be $118. Our insurance went from$138 to $122. So it was nice to save some money and not have to do anything for it. I thought about giving Anna the entire discount but I think that we have done good by her. She keeps her grades up and stays in sports year round and we give her the car and pay all repairs and put gas in it. It's not too bad for her because she saves all of he money from Christmas and her birthday and she is pretty close to getting it.
I don't think that I can get a discount at Nicor or Comed. I've heard that you can get cheaper rates per therm at nicor but that kind of sounds like a rumor. But I can try. I save $183 a month for both of them. I just went through all the bills for both last year and added on %10 and I have been pretty close. If I have extra I usually put it towards and unexpected bill.
I can't do anything about the garbage or the water. Well I could but I really like to bathe. So that leaves Den's cigarettes and I know and trust me if nagging worked he would have quit a long time ago.
So I don't think that I can get a discount on the sate light but maybe I could call and say that I want to shut it off. Hmmmm that's a thought because I don't like tv. But I'm pretty sure that I would have quite a rebellion on my hands if I did do that but maybe I can figure something out with them. I have the cheapest package they have but well see.
I think the home phone is were I might have some luck. We never use it. We all just use the cell phones. I don't want to shut it off but maybe we can get a discount.
I'll let you know how it goes. If we do have any extra maybe I'll put a little towards bills and a little towards fun. Well, I'll see because it might only be a savings of a few bucks. Maybe enough to go to Redbox.

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