Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saving Money

So if you have read the other posts, you can see that we are cutting it close. First off, we live between Chicago and Milwaukee. It's an expensive place to live. We live in a tri-level in an older neighborhood. It's pretty safe, well kind of. It's slowly sliding down hill. We have had quite a few break ins but it seem to be young kid stuff. I'm sure that I wouldn't feel that way if it were my house though. A lot of people are getting security systems and a few have gone so far as to put bars on their windows. I'm home all day and we have a decent sized dog so we aren't willing to pay for a security system yet. Anyways the houses in this neighborhood go for around $180000 to about $200000. And I really don't think that you are getting a lot for your money. If you buy a house here, it will probably need a little work. Everyone here(for the most part) is average hard working lower middle class. We all feel stuck.
Well our house payment is almost $1300 but that's because we are paying 2 extra payments a year so that adds almost $200 a month on to our payment. We also put 11% into Dennis 401k. We set up our budget to be very very tight. The good thing is it forces us to be very resourceful. If it ever got real bad, I would just borrow money from one of our "funds" and then call and stop the extra payments to the house. If it was really out of control then I guess we could stop putting money into the 401k but I think it would have to be desperate.
I'll let you know how the Dr. goes tomorrow.
Thank you,
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