Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 10 2008

--> Alright, well I was wrong. I thought we owed 17,000 on our second mortgage. Not even close we owe 21,753.53. I know what your thinking, you don't know how much you owe. Not very responsible. The only thing that I can say is we never put anything on the second mortgage unless we really need it. It always hovered around $10,000 but last year Dennis totaled our car. So we bought a $3000 ford focus. It had a brand new motor in it with only 6,000 miles on it and the body was decent. Den is great with cars and does almost all of our car repairs. But anyways, we brought it home and cleaned it up Friday and Saturday. So we all really looked forward to having Sunday off. But it never works like that does it. So I get up and walk into the hall and the carpet is soaking wet, the kind of wet that the sponge is soaked and water is puddling on top of it. The roof was leaking terrible. So the water came in through the ceiling fan which of course was on and spun water everywhere. We living in a tri-level so it splattered water on all three levels. And it hit all the kids pictures in the hall. And the water and the picture frames didn't work well together and the stain ran down all the walls. It was a huge mess. So we ended having to put a new roof on the following weekend. My in-laws helped which I'm grateful for but it was still hell. And it was about 95 that weekend so working with shingles meant that they were so hot it burned blisters on your fingers and the rough part wore them off quickly and they all melted together. And yes I've heard of gloves but you couldn't get a good grip on the heavy shingles. And I almost fell trying to catch the shingles that kept slipping out of my hands so I decided to work without gloves. Anyways, that's why our second mortgage is so high and the fact that we bought a used card from my in-laws. It's a 2004 Kia amanti , leather and fully loaded for $6500. We promised Anna a car if she stayed in sports and on the honor roll. So she has kept her end of the bargain so we gave her my 1999 white Chevy Lumina. We keep it in good running order and pay for all repairs and gas and she has to pay the car insurance. She saves all of her birthday and Christmas money and cleans her great-grandfathers house on the weekend for $25. So she is busy but we feel this keeps her out of trouble and will hopefully help with college. So anyways after rereading my first post I thought we looked really irresponsible but I don't charge anything we can't pay for and we are pretty tight because well we have to be. But I've made a decision to get my butt in gear and start paying it down.
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