Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some good news and some kind of good news

Well for the good news. I called our insurance agent because we had received our home owners policy for the next year. It went up about $75. She told me that it went up because replacement costs have went up. Fine. But while I was at the doctors she called and left a message and said that travelers has a new program and that she checked and it would save us $136 a year and she is sending me all of the papers to sign. So that really helps. See our house was assessed for more this year and our taxes are going up by about $240 a year. We are still down about $100 but at least it's not $315. Our mortgage won't be going up but the extra that goes towards the principal every month will go down by about $8 an month. I can live with that.
At the doctor's office, Dr. Kumar(endocrinologist) said that all of my blood work came back great. My thyroid is doing well and is at a healthy level and I agree. I've got my anemia under control with the iron pills and the blood work showed it. But I'm still tired, not as bad but not great either. So we started talking about my sleeping habits. It ended up that he thinks that it's Den's snoring. He is awful, it's like sleeping next to a chain saw sometimes. And it may just be that I'm only getting a few hours of rest. Den did sleep on the couch last weekend and I felt great and even told him that. He slept on the couch not because we were fighting but because he was watching tv. Really. Dr. Kumar thinks that maybe he has acid reflux or maybe a sleep disorder. He said that maybe I have a bunch of little things wrong that added up to all my problems. So I have to go back to my primary care physician(yuck!) and he is going to take care of my thyroid from here on out. Sure! I'm sure that he is going to be more than happy to have to deal with me again but I'm not letting him change my dosage so only time will tell. Plus my blood pressure is a little high so I'm sure that dealing with him some more will help me get it under control. I think that it's because I've gotten out of shape and that I need to lose a few pounds. I'm going to start working on that.
Thank you for your time, I feel like your my shrink. It just feels good to get it out.
Thank you,

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