Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy weekend

I don't think this weekend would fall into the saving money weekend. But see what you think.......
At Anna's high school it was homecoming week, so she had flag football and all that fun stuff leading up to the dance. So she had one of her friends spend the night Friday night and then they got up the next morning and had a tennis match.(They lost but it was the first time she got to play varsity.) Then after the game Anna and the girl came back here. At 4:00pm 7 girls from the tennis team came over and got ready for the dance. It was crazy. This house is way too small for that many girls. DJ left on Friday night and spent the weekend with his grandparents. And at times Dennis and I were jealous of him. The dance started at 7:00pm but they didn't get out of here until 8:15pm. Anna drove one car and Den took the girls in our car and dropped them off. And then just to top off the evening they all came back here when the dance was over and spent the night. The only good thing about it was that my mother in law Donna gave me $100 for the girls. Gotta love her. Den and I took the money and went to Walmart and bought a ton of stuff. We got extra hair spray, bobby pins, lotions and stuff for facials. And we bought all the fixings for 3 very large sub sandwiches, veggie and dip, cheese and crackers, quesadias and salsa, chips, made a cake, and donuts for the next morning. So we spent the time when Anna was at the match making trays of food. It helps that Dennis was a chef in a French restaurant for years because everything comes out looking very professional.
It was a bit much and very draining but I think they had a wonderful time. I hope it will be a good memory that they will look back fondly on. And when I'm old and feeble, she better visit me.
So we didn't really spend any money this weekend but we definitely worked hard. Next weekend we have so much to do, wash the cars, change the oil, babysit for friends of ours, and put up Halloween decorations. And maybe put all the lawn furniture away for the season and pull the last of the weeds, I'm thinking that we won't get it all done. I asked Anna to stay home next weekend to help us get it all done. I think that she owes us. I think we need some down time but almost anything is better than last weekend.
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