Thursday, October 9, 2008

Child Experimentation(sort of)

Before I get hate mail just let me explain. I love my children and I will always put them before saving money but I'm not above a little harmless experimentation. I tested it on myself first and then the boy. So stay calm when you read the rest of this.
I have to start this money saving story by explaining that DJ is a 12 year old boy. Now anyone that has first hand experience with these creatures knows they are just plain disgusting. They continuously smell of sour dirt, severe foot odor, and a sprinkle of b.o. I love him and if you have read any of my other posts then you know this dirty boy comes into direct conflict with my cleanliness disorder. This is the same child that truly believes that a swim in a pool constitutes as a bath. Unfortunately his father feels the same way. (It doesn't count unless a bar of soap is involved and you aren't bringing soap into the pool smart arse.)
My well loved and gross son came home with pink eye. And guess what he lovingly shared with his mother. I was lucky in the fact that the last time he had pink eye, the doctor gave us a refill. So, he started to use the drops and it got a little better and then a lot worse. And I bet your wondering why it got a lot worse. Well dear son decided to cram the tip of the eye drops into his eye to administer them. Yes, he just made it worse and wasted the whole flipping bottle. Now if I was a kind and loving mom, I would pack us up and pay $30 for the office visit and $20-$30 for another bottle for him to contaminate. But then the cheap side of me had a thought. My mother in law loaned me a book on home remedies. Right about now your right eye is starting to twitch with fear, isn't it. Yes I used a home remedy on DJ and myself. So your thinking what the hell do you have that you are willing to dump in your kid's eye, you must be a witch. At this point I was slightly fearful too. Not to fear I found my courage and mixed up honey and water and dumped it in our eyes. OK to be honest it stung and it was a little hard to see at first, slightly gummy. But it passed and then I washed out DJ's eyes. He acted as if I was trying to melt his eyeballs but we made it through. OK here is the funny part, after using it for one day all the redness was gone. We are fine. The bees only swarmed us a little(kidding). It was an old wives tale kind of book but who knew. I'm not sure that I would recommend this to anyone because I'm not a doctor but it really did work. Now the family is quite fearful of what my next experiment will be. I'm one for one. I'll let you know if I need to mix any more potions for my family. Muuuhaaahaaa!
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