Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ahhhh, it's one of my favorite times of year. Most people get all excited about the holidays but not me. Dejunking is what really does it for me. I love nothing more than to go through everything we own and declutter until it hurts. See, you would think that when I tell Den and the kids that it's time to dejunk that they would moan and complain but they are always willing to do it. And it's not because they are amazing or love to clean and declutter. But I have instilled fear into their hearts. I am more than willing to do it for them. Special childhood mementos are off limits but beyond that what do you really need. A blanket and a pillow is all that I can think of. And this illness that I have is 100% genetics. My grandmother had this illness and she passed it on to me. She was also the one that passed on my love for cleaning. I love nothing more than to scrub something to no end. When I was about 7, I helped my grandmother do spring cleaning. We scrubbed everything with spic and span. And it was so harsh on my little hands that my knuckles would bleed.(True story) So she was scrubbing something so hard that the varnish was coming off and I pointed it out to her. And her exact words were,"if it can't take it, it doesn't deserve to live here." She would also tell me that there is no such thing as clean so never stop scrubbing. I obviously have issues. But instead of wasting my time and money with a therapist, I dejunk and scrub. I keep track of everything we collect while dejunking and donate it to the Red Cross. SO I look at it as another win win situation. We make room for the terrible on slot of Christmas crap, the Red Cross gets a donation, we get a tax write off, and the little voice in my head is silenced for a little while. I know that if my wonderful grandmother was here today she would pull out the scrub bucket and get to work on my house. You see I have a cat and a dog so there is no way that my house would ever pass inspection. But what I wouldn't give for just a minute or two more. I miss you, Grammy and I think of you when I'm scrubbing. I don't really know of anything else that would make her more proud of me.
Happy Dejunking,

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