Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My sister

<>My sister called me to tell me that her husband's hours at work had been cut. He works at a company that makes window treatments and blinds. His hours went from 40 hours to 24 hours. My sister hasn't been able to find a job and she has a couple degrees. She applied for teaching jobs to cleaning services and has had no luck. I'm grateful for the fact that she thinks they can hold on for quite some time. They live in the house that was our grandparents so they don't have rent to pay and their one car is paid for. She went over their budget and cut it to bare bones. But this is a very scary time. So many of our friends have commented on how everything has slowed down. A few are worried if the company they work for will make it but this is the first person I know of to have such a drastic cut. Most people are worried but haven't been cut yet. You hear the horror stories but this one has really hit home. I have faith in them and I know they will be alright. I would be flipping out and maybe even thinking about panhandling. HAHA! But the cheap gene runs deep in our family and she will make it.
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