Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nicor (BOO!)

O.K. so I'm still going through my bills seeing if I can reduce them at all. And I'm sure that you guessed Nicor had nothing for me. I could drop the$4.95 a month fee for the comfort guard. In a way I feel like this is extortion because you start thinking about your house blowing up and pay it. Comfort guard pays for any repairs you might need in your house. But I don't think that I have ever met anyone that used this service, they just pay for it out of fear. I did have a gas leak on the outside of my house one time. The man said it would take 5 minutes and he would be done. I told him Murphy's Law lived here. He laughed and worked on it for a few hours. I told him. He fixed it. So basically, the only way to use the service is if you have a gas leak in the house. So you either smell the gas or you blow up, you know you have seen it on t.v. And with my luck I would live and take out most of the houses around me and be sued. So they can keep taking their $4.95 a month, I'll just keep looking in other areas for a saving.

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