Monday, October 13, 2008

What the Hell?

Really sometimes I wonder where people's heads are at. I read on some money saving web site about ways to cut costs. Have your maid come every two weeks and just straighten up after yourself on your maids off week. Cut down your lattes. Cancel your magazine subscriptions. Get a few different estimates when getting home remodeling done. Who are these people? I say if you have so much money and negative common sense then suffer. Either the writer is so well off and is asking other well off people for ideas or the sarcasm was too thick for me to understand. (I'm the most sarcastic person I know so probably not)
My budget is so tight that I worry about pennies. We very very rarely go out for fast food. And our small splurge is a vacation in October which is part of all of our Christmas presents. And that takes us all year to save for. We go to the Dells one year and Orlando the next. And we cut corners by going at weird times and using my in-laws time share for Florida. We pack our own food for trips and ask for gift cards on holidays to be used on vacation. And yes I watch the expiration dates and fees on the gift cards.
And I know how lucky and spoiled we are just to get to go to the Dells on a weeknight. I do feel blessed when I hear about all the people that are suffering. We make sure that we give to the local food bank and make donations to different children's funds.
But I still don't know anyone that is having financial troubles and putting in a game room or doing remodeling. Are the well off that far out of touch? I figure that if they keep spending like they are soon enough they will be living next door to me. I'm sure that they would see that as hell. It all boils down to perception. I feel blessed to have a home, a wonderful family and fun neighbors. To the well off my neighborhood would be a huge step down to me it's home.
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