Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas shopping

I know by writing this I'm going to jinx myself but here goes. I'm almost done Christmas shopping. My goal is to be done before Thanksgiving and I think that I might just make it. I still have to get Den's present but we are are doing something different and just buying for ourselves. I really like this because it's $50 that we get to spend on ourselves and it's guilt free. We also need to buy for Dennis' dad. He loves used books so I have to look into that. We are going to finish a couple of gifts by just giving cash so that doesn't leave much more. I'm hoping that by doing this maybe for once I'll enjoy the holidays. I usually turn into the Grinch about three days before Christmas. So I'm hoping that with all the advanced planning I will have a little holiday cheer. I have to say that I've actually enjoyed shopping through out the year so I'm really going to try to get the Christmas fund replenished the beginning of the year.
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Sonya Ann

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