Monday, November 24, 2008

Free pampering

I've been a little stressed out lately. The dead line for my cleaned up manuscript was Jan. 1st and it was changed to 2 weeks. So needless to say I have been a stressed out, cranky person. I know that I've been no fun to live with. And poor Dennis, he is going to work and then coming home and cooking dinner. I just feel like thank you isn't enough. I would do it for him but I hate being a burden. And I keep thinking, I started writing to relieve stress and it's turned into just the opposite. I took something that I love and turned it into work and the kicker is I'm not getting paid for it.
So since I now have destroyed the one thing that was bringing me peace and relaxation, I've been looking for something to replace it. I always send for all the free samples I can get and any lotions I throw into an old margarine container under the sink. Since the first signs of Jack Frost are here, I've been pampering my skin with the little samples of lotion. With as stressed out as I am, it's nice to take a moment and feel like I'm doing something kind for myself. But knowing me, I'm sure that I will soon find a way to stress myself out about the lotion and ruin another good thing. Maybe I should take up drinking as a sport, just kidding, maybe.
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