Monday, November 3, 2008


We are back now. It was really rough. We were in the WI Dells when this all started. We always take a little trip in October. We all play hooky and we do something on the cheap. Well we left on Wednesday and were planning on coming home on Saturday. Friday morning my sister called and said they were taking our dad to the hospital. And within two hours he had passed. So we drove almost all the way back (3hrs) when my brother called and asked if we would drive up to Milwaukee and pick up his girlfriend Erica that we had never met. So we turned around and got her. She is so wonderful and she was a huge comfort to Kyle. We got back late Friday and unpacked and washed clothes and then repacked. We had to borrow my in-laws van so that we could accommodate the extra person. We left Saturday morning at 5am and were down there by 7:30 pm. We had a wake in Alabama for all of my dad's family on Tuesday and then we all came home and had a wake and funeral on Saturday. It was so drawn out. We had family staying with us and everyone eating here and trying to cook for the meal after the funeral was a bit much. But we made it and the last of the family left our house Sunday morning. I feel so drained and sad but there is nothing that I can do to fix this. I'm just trying to get back into some kind of routine. My dad always said one foot in front of the other and that's just what I'm trying to do.
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