Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I think that I love Thanksgiving so much because I only put these two cute stuffed animals out. It's not a huge thing like Christmas or Halloween where it takes hours to decorate and then you have to turn around and pack it all back up a month later. I'm also lucky because Dennis is the one doing most of the cooking. He just orders me around in the kitchen and I mostly listen. We will be having about 20 people for dinner so that's not too bad. It's just so hard to cram that many people in such a small house. I just set up a few extra card tables and you eat where ever you can find a spot. Nothing formal about this house. When I was little we would go to my grandmother's and eat in the dining room off of her best china. The food was wonderful but it was so scary. I had to sit there worrying if I was going to spill or drop something on her chair. Not here. If you spill(which happens quite often) I have a carpet cleaner and we use paper plates. I like my way better but I bet if she was still here, she would be doing a lot of complaining. But I wish she was here to make the gravy. Still miss you Grammy.
I hope everyone has a wonderful meal and enjoys their friends and families company.
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