Thursday, November 13, 2008

little slivers of soap

For some strange reason the majority of frugal people are very concerned with the last little sliver of soap. I don't know why but if you are frugal than the last little bit of soap is a dilemma. Maybe it's a silent passage into the frugal world or maybe the slow loss of sanity but it does come up quite often. As does the amount of homemade laundry soap one uses. Really what is wrong with us but if you get the whole soap thing your with friends. I've heard people smashing it to the new bar of soap or grating it into laundry soap. But I haven't had any luck with either of them. The sliver slides off the new bar and I end up chasing it around the shower and then fighting to save it from a terrible wasteful death down the drain. Or I end up grating my fingers and bleeding into my laundry mixture. Gross but so true. So my solution is to put it into a recycled margarine container and let it dissolve with some water. It ends up turning into a creamy hand soap like mixture. And then I use it to treat stains. And the bonus of it is that it's fun to squish your hands in. I know not real mature but fun none the less.
So let the well off and wasteful pitch their slivers. Every time I pretreat a stain I know that I'm helping our bottom line and get to be a kid for a few seconds. Frugal is fun or it may just be my sanity is slipping from me.
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