Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Credit Cards

I have to be one of the few people that think credit cards are a good thing. But it's just like anything else, moderation is the key. I love to use them. We have two primary cards and about 5 others. I have a Kohl's card and a Victoria Secrets card. I only use those and the Discover cards for great discounts. Our two primary cards are our Points Mastercard and our Marathon Mastercard. Up until now, I've always paid them off every month(still keeping my fingers crossed about this month). And we save the points for a small party for the kids birthday parties in January or Febuary. The Marathon card sends us a $25 Marathon gift card when we collect enough points. So I see credit cards as a bonus. We don't pay anual fees on them so they only benefit us. I have every bill that I can paid on our credit card for the extra points. And we save on postage and checks. I'm sure that one day the companies will take the points away from people like me but until then YEAH credit cards.
I won't lie either and say that I haven't had some serious issues with them in the past. But I try to learn from those mistakes and turn negatives into positives. So far it's working but you never know. Just when I think I've figured something out something changes and I'm behind the eightball again. Only time will tell.
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