Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cutting back

My sister and I talked and we decided that we would cut back on the gift giving next year. They are having a hard time since her husband lost his job. He was lucky enough to get a part time job working at game stop and he is getting unemployment so they are holding their heads above water. But it is just getting to be too much for us too. I'm panicking over our being unable to fill all the funds for next year. So this should help us both. We decide to spend just $20 per family. So I will spend $10 on each of them and they will spend $5 on each of us. That's better. We can make or buy anything we want, so it should be an adventure. I didn't ask about anniversaries but I'm think a card will do. So the good news is I can shave $55 off of the birthday and anniversary fund. Anything helps. Some better news is that I scrimped and saved and managed to pay off the credit card minus the $569 for the computer. SO luckily the billing cycle ended and the computer went on the next month. But Den and I decided that we are going to use some Christmas money and pay it off. I'll just make another payment after Christmas to the credit card company and hopefully I won't get stuck with any interest charges.
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