Monday, December 1, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The What The ****

Alright as you know I really try to be upbeat but I'm really struggling with it. For the good news, I'm completely done Christmas shopping, right down to the stocking stuffers. The Bad, Den and I did something that we haven't done in years, we charged the last of the Christmas presents and don't have the cash for it. Between the washer going out midyear and having to dip into the Christmas fund to pay for that. And then my cousin's daughter and my dad passing away, we just don't have it. And for the What The ****, my computer hates me. And I'm not kidding, I thought I had a virus or something. I ran every virus program and did everything I could think of to get it to run properly and nothing. My computer guy moved. So I ended up calling through the phone book and found someone local but he wanted $55 an hour and it would be a few days before he got to it. This wouldn't work because I have deadlines with the book. So, I kept looking and really didn't come up with much. My husband collects Magic cards and thought maybe someone at the collectible shop might know someone. So he brought the computer to the card shop. Eight people at once volunteered to work on it. Pretty cool. So they did everything that they could think of to it and there conclusion was.......... it's fine. There were a couple of computer programmers there and they couldn't find anything. So for $45 worth of pizza we got a clean bill of health on the computer. It only freezes up when I use it. Go Figure! SO the computer hates me and I'm broke. I try to be somewhat upbeat but I kind of feel like crying. My dad's gone and I'm so careful with our money but too many really expensive things have happened this year and i feel like I blew. I know that it's my fault about the Christmas shopping but after I put my money from cleaning towards the credit card, I think that I'm about $185 short. So I'll work on it. As far as the computer hating me, I figure it's got to be my Karma. But i think the real reason that all the little things are bothering me so much is because I miss my dad. I'm sure that things will start to get better, even my mood.
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