Monday, December 29, 2008

It's my Birthday

This is the picture of my birthday dinner from last year. And I asked for the same thing this year. We each get to choose what we have for dinner on our birthday. Den and the kids like to get fast food or Cracker Barrel, I love when Den cooks Chinese food. It's my favorite thing. I'm very lucky that Den was a chef in a french restaurant for a few years and that he loves to cook. All the dishes are a Christmas gift from a few years ago. I bought the dishes and accessories and put them in a box. So when we have Chinese night we pull out the box and decorate. We also have a Mexican restaurant in a box too. Complete with music and a mariachi band(poster), this has saved us so much money through the years and its fun. I hope that when the kids are grown they look back and have a few good memories. And the good thing is this whole meal doesn't cost more than $25 and we get lunches the next day out of it. It's a costly meal by our normal dinner standard but it's still cheaper than take out.
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