Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A job?

Well after all of my bellyaching about being broke and having to work on the 2009 budget, I've had a small job fall into my lap. My sister in laws best friend just had a baby and needs a sitter. The money would be nice but I would hate to give up writing. I know that sounds selfish but I can't help it. She is unemployed and looking for a job after the first of the year. So it will probably take a while for her to find something stable. That extra money would help pay for Anna's college too. I know that I will end up taking it but I'm sad about it too. I would have to postpone my dream of being a full time writer. I guess I will just see where life takes me. I just wonder how much to charge. She said that it would cost her anywhere from$300 to $400 a week for a sitter. That's crazy and I wouldn't charge any where near that. The other thing too is that she is notorious for not keeping a job. She is just one of those people that never can stick with anything. I don't know, I guess it will just work it's self out. Den said that I shouldn't do it because I still have obligations for the book. I have book signings and anything else they can come up with. But I doubt that it will be that much and my mother in law said that she would watch the baby too. So I still might be able to work things out. I'm nervous too because I haven't been in charge of a little one for a very long time and it is so draining. With my thyroid being under active, it might be too much. So many reasons not to do it and only one as to why I should, the money. I'll see what happens and I'll keep you posted.
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