Monday, December 8, 2008

My Gingerbread House!

This is the gingerbread house that I made on Thanksgiving. I bought one for every family that came over. So I had 11 but I gave one to my friends so we used 9 kits and kept one. I really wanted a project to do to keep everything moving. I knew that it would be hard because this is the first holiday without my dad. But we did really good, we laughed until we couldn't breathe. The gingerbread kit only cost $3.50 so in other words you get what you pay for. All the walls were uneven and the frosting was like water. So we ended up using my $1 hot glue gun. We all had blisters and ended up having to nibble the walls down to get them to fit together. And if someone bumped the table they all came tumbling down. It was a really good time anyways. I think next year maybe we will do another project.
Thanks for reading,
PS. Den said it was way to small to be a gingerbread house. He said it was more like an outhouse.

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