Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our plates of cookies/bread

This is the plate of cookies, banana bread and cinnamon bread that we are giving out this year. It takes us about a month to make everything. We made 15 loaves of cinnamon bread. And 14 loaves of banana bread and 265 cookies. It wasn't cheap but it is something that we love to give out. I think that it's sad that we have moved so far away from giving out a simple gift as a plate of cookies. Everyone loves it and asks for it year round. The plates were $1 from the Dollar Tree. And it cost almost $100 for all the ingredients but I would rather spend our money on something like this than to go out to dinner. We will make up 20 plates and about 3 large platters (for Den's work and Christmas). I just figure this into the cost of Christmas. I know that this money could probably be better spent but it makes me feel good to give it to people I care about.
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