Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Tree

I'm once again going to jinx myself but we are really ahead on the whole Christmas thing. We even got our tree up on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Now all we need to do is wrap. I even sent the Christmas cards out the day before Thanksgiving. I really try to be organized but I'm even surprising myself at this point. And Den got all the outside lights up. After all the trouble we have had in the past few months, I think we all feel like we can't procrastinate. Because we really don't know what is next. It's just a nice feeling to be getting things done. Even DJ is done Christmas shopping.(Grandma Donna took him) Den went with DJ and got the tree this time. Usually we make this a family affair but I was busy cleaning up after Thanksgiving and Anna had a basketball tournament so we decided just to get it. Two years ago the tree started to slide off the top of the car and then the police pulled us over. It's truly an adventure with us. Nothing happened, we didn't get a ticket or anything, he was real sweet and just wanted to know if we needed any help. Only my family would need to get the police involved when getting a tree.
Now all that is left is Christmas cookies and wrapping. I think that if we can keep this pace up maybe we can go driving around and looking at all the lights. That was one of my favorite things to do but we never really have time for it. So, I'll keep my fingers crossed. I think that the reason we are pushing to get things done so quickly is that our weekends are full all of December. Between Christmas parties and baby showers, we won't be able to get any of it done. I still don't know when we will find time to squeeze in the cookies but I'm not letting go of the momentum.
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