Tuesday, January 20, 2009

DJ's 13th birthday party

Before you think that we go over board for the kids birthdays just let me explain. We kind of do. For Anna's 13th birthday we rented 2 hotel rooms at a local hotel with an indoor swimming pool. She had 6 girls spend the night and they spent the evening swimming. We ordered pizzas and they watched movies. She still talks about it so I think that it was a winner.
Now it's DJ's turn. Well things have changed around here. We now have an indoor water park and hotel about 20 minutes from here. But it's a little childish and small and very, very expensive. So we are looking to go to the Dells for one night. He will only get to bring one friend but he is alright with that. I think that we are going to go to the Rome hotel. I can get a room for about $129. This isn't the nicest waterpark in WI but it is the most reasonably priced and it has an indoor theme park that's included.
I think that I'm also going to take them out of school too. It won't be crowded and they will just about get the water park to themselves. They are both on the honor role but they did miss quite a bit because of both funerals. I already asked DJ's friend's mom and she said it was fine if her son missed school. I'm really leaning towards taking them out of school but I'll see.
I'm trying to keep the cost of this at $250. I know it's alot to spend on a party. But I did it for Anna and I have to be fair to DJ. The good news is (drum roll please) it's all free money. I'm going to use the points that I've saved up from our credit card to pay for it. I know that I should put it towards bills but he is only 13 once. And we really do need a break. The last time we were in the Dells my dad died. We all just feel we need a break and I think a day off work for Den and missing a day of school is just what we need. I'm really looking forward to it.
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