Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finalized my 2009 budget

I know I am a little anal retentive when it comes to our budget but I can't stand when anything is left undone. So here it is....
Car Fund $800
Pool Fund $125
Flowers & Garden $125
School Registrations $325
Vet Fund $200
School supplies $100
School picture $200
Christmas $1100
Trip in Oct to FL $2500
Dr, ER & dentist $350
Computer $100
Glasses and contacts $1000
Car stickers $240
WI fee $65
Bdays $500
All other holidays $350
2nd mortgage fee $90
Tax Prep. $25
Clothes $100
Haircuts $100
4th July fund $75
Thanksgiving $125
For $8595.00
So I can come within a few hundred dollars of this on paper now. Of course this doesn't figure in any major catastrophes but this is the best I can do. I'm really going to squeeze these funds for all they are worth. I just hope we don't have the problems like we did last year.
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