Monday, January 5, 2009

Our weekly/monthly budget

Here is a break down of our monthly bills
1296.00 House payment(bi-weekly) so we save $324 a week
122.00 Car Insurance
183.00 Nicor and Comed
25.00 Home phone
135.00 2nd mortgage with a little extra
280.00 gas for all three cars
38.00 satelite
480.00 groceries for the month 120.00 a week
75.00 Den smokes
70.00 garbage and water
24.00 synthroid and iron pills for me

2728.00 total
This is how I use Den's checks every week. It's a pretty easy system. I just look at which Friday it is and save from there.
Week 1 -$324 house, $217 food,gas & cig, $122 car insurance=$663 (Den's check is $663, dental insurance week)
Week 2- $324 house, $219 food, gas &cig, $135 2nd mortgage, $24 my pills=$702 (Den's check is $702)
Week 3- $324 house, $203 food, gas & cig, $105 Nicor, $70 garbage & water=$702(Den's check is $702)
Week 4- $324 house, $217 food, gas & cig, $78 Com Ed, $25 phone, $38 Satellite=$682(Den's check is $702)

So before you tell me that all my numbers don't jive, I know. I just make sure that I pull the $324 for the house out first and then the money for the other bills like phone and satellite. Then whats left goes into the food fund or to pay for cigarettes or gas. So now that gas prices are down I have even more wiggle room. So I'm going to see if I can't find an extra $10-$20 a week to save or put toward bills. I just don't want to readjust my budget for the lower cost of gas because I don't believe that it will stay this low. If you have any ideas just let me know.
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