Monday, January 19, 2009

Trying a new rule?

Alright I'm trying to get everyone on board for a new rule. I'm trying to keep clutter at a minimum, so I made up the 5 year rule. I don't want anyone to bring anything into the house unless they love it enough to keep it for 5 years. I'm pretty sure this won't work but I would at least like them to think about their purchases. I'm tired of them wasting money and having to dejunk. I hate all the little crappies that get brought into the house. It was so lovingly pointed out to me that they didn't think that their underwear would last for 5 years and that clothes need to be replaced. (I live with comedians.) Yes there are some exceptions to the rules like UNDERWEAR and other things that wear out or break. But maybe this will help cut down on junk. It's not that we go to the malls or shopping very often but I'm just looking around and wanting to cut back. I know that this is just because we brought more stuff in the house because of the holidays and the kids birthdays are upon us. I'm just a little sick of STUFF.
I guess I'm just itching to start spring cleaning. I know I have issues. But I'm not going to start until after both the kids birthdays are over.
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