Thursday, January 29, 2009

Valentines Day Decorations

I love Valentine's Day only because it doesn't involve a lot of work. I put out my one decoration that my sister made and that's it. Did you ever notice the things that we keep and cherish are usually the things that have very little monetary value? I'm not trying to insult my sister, for the love of God, that is not a high priority on my list. But I know that she didn't spent much on it but every year I put it out and think about how much I appreciate it.
And if you look at the place mat it's sitting on, it was a dollar from the dollar store. And I bet that your asking why it's there. Well it lives on the table, in that very spot. Usually I have a plate of fruit on top or some other kind of decoration. And I bet you would like to know why it lives there. Well it is covering up a burn mark from a skillet. Miss Anna wanted to learn how to make grilled cheese a very long time ago. So I was helping her and when I went to load the dishwasher she set the skillet on the table. You have got to love kids. I figure one day I will refinish it but all the little dents and dings have a story that I'm not ready to let go of yet.
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