Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eating bugs

-->I'm a God awful parent. I'll just start another parenting story there. Poor D.J.
One of the women that Den works with just got back from
Mexico. The department Den works in gets along really well and most of them try to bring everyone a little trinket back from a trip. This time Den got a bag of beans, dried and coated in yummy spices. Den said they are call avas. If you ever get the chance hoard them, they are the best treat ever. So Den and I were happily munching on them when D.J. walked in. We told him to try one and he did. He popped it in his mouth and started chewing, then asked what it was. I said a cockroach. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue and had a full on fit that we fed him a bug. Den started laughing and then choked on his avas. D.J. looked as if he wanted his tongue to jump out of his mouth. He was furious at me. Den was laughing, crying and choking all at the same time. He spit it out before I could tell him what it was. He didn't get over that one for a while. Then Anna came home after her practice and ate one. I couldn't resist and told her the same thing. She spit it out right there onto the floor. She took it much better than the boy. Screaming funny.
Now here's the kicker, each of my children whole heartedly believed that I would feed them bugs. This incident makes you wonder about my parenting skills.
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