Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Depression?

Right off the top, I need to say that I'm not nearly smart enough to understand all of the economic information. And at times I'm truly confused by it. I sit here and try to decipher the language used by the "smart" people. But I found this article and I've made it a must read in this house. I've said for a while that the unemployment numbers are being skewed. Everything is being compared to the Great Depression. Well if that's the case then use the same formula that was used during the Great Depression to calculate the actual unemployment rate. The latest unemployment rate I could find was 7.6%. I figured out the unemployment rate, if we used the same formula that we did during the Depression and right now it's at 18.7%. Are my figures correct? Honestly probably not. But are the governments? This is a wonderful article.
Great depression jobs parallel may not be far flung

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