Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gross Cleaning Tip

Super, gross, yucky cleaning tip! We have really hard water in our town. In fact the joke is no one here has a white shirt. Everything turns yellow and no amount of bleach will keep things white. Anyways, I was scrubbing the tub with a magic eraser and there was just a little left. So I used the last piece on the toilet bowl. All the hard water stains were gone. I of course, pitched what was left but from now on I'll save the last of it for the toilets. I use toilet bowl cleaner, the tabs and weekly pour bleach in the bowl and nothing helps. So this is wonderful. I was thinking that we would have to replace the toilets because it just made me feel dirty. Everyone has this problem around here but until now no one was able to get the ring out. I know a couple people that will be real happy about this discovery.
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