Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hotel Rome

-->These are the pictures of our room at the Hotel Rome. We had a great time. We ended up bringing Anna, DJ, his best friend and his best friend's little sister(9yrs old). It ended up costing us $170 for the room but that was because we had to upgrade to a room for 6. But I'm glad that we did.
We made sandwiches at home the morning we left and ate them on the drive up there. So that saved us from having to buy lunch for 6. And the hotel of course had a microwave and frig in the room. We took full advantage of that and brought cup-a-soup and lots of junk food. We got there about
11am so when we got our room at 3pm, we went up stairs and filled up on junk. It's one of the few times I encourage everyone to eat like that. That night after a hard day of swimming, we ordered pizza and had it delivered. That was a real treat for us, we haven't ordered a pizza in a long time.
Hotel Rome is really a great place because for the price of the room, everyone in your party gets unlimited access to the indoor theme park and the indoor water park. The water park is not the best one in the Dells, the indoor theme park is. But for the price I would recommend it.
We left the hotel around
12:30 and then went out to eat at Cracker Barrel. So we paid for 2 meals which came to $85 for both and the cost of all the junk food ($30ish). And I almost forgot $40 in the game room. But they won enough tickets to pay for a round of lazer tag. It would have cost $30 for the lazer tag but it's a rip off either way. But I'm sure the family would disagree with me on that one. And we had to put gas in the van and that was $40. So our total for DJ's 13th birthday was $365(ish). God, that's a lot for a party but he's only 13 once so I'll let it go. Anna had a nice 13th so I have to be fair. But when she was 13 we weren't having to watch our pennies so closely. Anyways, we used our credit card points for this so that took $250 off and I saved $75 for it. So it was only $40 out of pocket, I guess I won't complain too much over $40.
And on a side note, if there is ever a war and you're thinking about giving me a gun, DON'T. I got spanked at lazer tag. It was pitiful.
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