Friday, February 6, 2009

My letter to the CEO of Amazon

I'm crazy first off but I know this. This is the letter that I wrote. I mailed it on Tuesday.

Dear Mr. Bezos,
My name is SonyaAnn Mott and my book Dissipate is for sale on Amazon. I’m sure that you are wondering why I’m contacting you. I have a very slight request. I would like to have a quick synopsis about my book added to the information on your site. Now before you discard this letter, I have tried all the avenues offered by your wonderful company. I truly love Amazon and at times wonder if I’m an addict. This is in no way a letter to bash you or your company.
I personally don’t believe in saying anything that would be hurtful in anyway. That said I have two teenagers and I don’t always follow through on that but I try. Right about now you are wondering why I’m telling you all of this, there is a point just hang on. I try to be fair and respectful and never do anything that I might later regret. Key word is try. I help any friend or family member in need, often going beyond the call of duty. I recently helped a friend of mine; reorganize her entire house so she could put it on the market. I am also known as the cookie lady. I make many trays of homemade cookies during the holidays and give them out. And I bet at this point, you are back to wondering what does this have to do with you. Well, the point that I’m trying to make is I work hard to be a kind person. I am in no way a saint but I will do the best that I can to help anyone in need.

And where does Amazon come into play, I can hear your wheels turning. My simple little request of adding a synopsis has turned into quite an ordeal. I started by email my request a few times. Everyone was quite kind with their responses but we never succeeded in getting it added. Then my next few attempts were calling, your employees were very apologetic but again nothing was added. I had the sneaking feeling though that I wasn’t going to get results during the last phone call when I had to spell the word THE very slowly. Please don’t get me wrong everyone was very friendly and kind just not very helpful. And as much as I’ve tried to be upbeat and fair, I’m losing the battle of staying the sweet cookie lady. The voices in my head are now contemplating very bad things (rude letters and maybe voodoo). I try to always keep evil at bay but this friendly but frustrating exchange is wearing me down. Please save me from the naughty voices in my head and add the synopsis.
I thank you for your time,
SonyaAnn Mott
The normal creaks and groans of your home you overlook, the rush of the water from the sink, the gurgle of a draining tub. A new sound is added, possibly overlooked but not for long. Intoxicating and deafening, it hunts you. Paralyzed by fear and overcome with a sense of tranquility, you realize to late your fate is sealed. A single mother finds her inner strength and stands against what hunts us.
Here's the funny part the synopsis was added today.
Thanks For Reading,

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