Monday, February 9, 2009

Still working on the New Year's resolutions

I'm still trying to accomplish all of my resolutions but I'm faltering in some areas.

A Recap

1.) Lose a few more pounds (I only lost 4 lbs but it's better than gaining)
2.) Write 2 books at the same time
3.) Improve the blog
4.) Start generating an income from writing
5.) Knock down our debt (I will continue to make 2 extra payments on the house a year & will try to pay extra on the 2nd mortgage)
6.) Find a way to pay for Anna's college

I'm giving myself a boo or a yeah rating!
.) I gained 2 pounds so I'm only down 2. But I'm still working on it, it just seems the more calories I cut the more I gain. Sounds weird, I know. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the thyroid or maybe water weight gain. Not real sure but I'm not giving up either. I'm just going to try something new. I'll keep you posted. BOO!
2.) I'm writing 2 books now. It's really hard and is taking up a lot of my day. I'm hoping that it will get easier once I get into the swing of it. Anna thought that I might have a hard time keeping them separate but that's not the hard part, it's keeping up with my household chores. Yeah!
Well, I'm still writing so I'm ok with this one.Yeah!
4.) Haven't made one penny. BOO!
5.) We are still paying down the house but I haven't found any extra to put towards the second mortgage yet. So Yeah! and Boo!
6.) I've been researching grants on line for a while and have gone to all the classes that Anna's high school offers. And I've been talking to Anna's cousin that received a bunch of grants and she said she would help us. I don't know how to rate this one it's not a Boo or a Yeah. I'm going to keep working on this but she can't start applying until August so I will have an idea then.
So far I've got 3 Boo's and 3 Yeah's so I guess I'm getting somewhere. Or I could look at it as a wash. But I'm going to look at the positive side of this and appreciate the fact that I'm still trying.
I'll check back and let you know if I'm actually getting anywhere.
Thanks For Reading,

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