Monday, February 16, 2009

That's a big ten-four good buddy?

-->I just want to start this story with Anna is a good kid. She is a honor role student, in sports year round, pays her own car insurance, does her chores every day and cleans her 82 yr old great grandfather's house once a week. And she is drug tested by the school, you can't play sports unless you are clean. She made a mistake just as we all do. Don't skewer her, I'm thankful she is as good as she is. And I'm glad that she is a better teenager than I was. So on to the story........
Little miss Anna was not going where she was supposed to be. She said she was going one place and then heading off to another. She was hanging out with an 18 yr old. She can date but we have to meet him. That's the rule and it's not negotiable. Well, she bypassed the rule but not for long. I came unhinged, who knew? I took her car, she was grounded from going anywhere and all friends and I took her phone. She is no longer with the boy and I'm thankful because he was in some trouble. The problem I ran into was the bus. She had told me a long time ago, after we had given her the car, that a lot of the kids were getting stoned at the bus stop. And when she started driving to school she was glad that she didn't have to deal with that anymore. She has sports after school and clubs so her schedule is up in the air quite a bit. Den said she should ride the bus. But that boy was on the bus too. So Den and I had a huge fight and I gave her the car back after 2 weeks. The school is
1.2 miles from our house and it's too cold to walk and I don't want to have to drive to and from the school 4 times a day everyday. So I gave her the car and a walkie talkie. They are on loan from friends of ours. My thinking was if I gave her her phone then she would be able to coordinate plans and it would start all over again. And then it's not much of a punishment, if she gets everything back. I like to know when she gets to the school(I worry) and when she is on her way home. So now, she calls me on the walkie talkie. She has been a real good sport about it and calls and says things like, "hey good buddy or over and out or what's your vector or niner,niner." So we laugh about it now but I'm still not giving the cell back. We also had a talk with her coach and if she doesn't show up to practice, he is to call us and vise versa. He said that she hadn't missed any practices but he would keep us informed. (Gotta love him)
Did I make a poor choice in giving her the car back, probably. I've been very honest with the kids and I tell them that I'm making it up as I go along. When they grow up I'm sure they will have tons of stories about us but all I really want is for them to know that we really tried. I didn't always succeed but with all the love in my heart, I tried.
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