Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yeah Dejunking!

I'm a freak of nature. I love to clean and dejunk, it makes me smile. I even offer to dejunk my friend's closets. I only do this with my very closest of friends. Because I morph into a drill Sergeant. I just believe that we all drag too much crap around in this life time. That said I have 2 teenagers and we have a lot of crap too.
We usually start to dethaw in May and I don't want to start cleaning when I could be outside. So I go through the house twice. I make a list and go through every nook and cranny and donate everything not in use. I try to do 3 spots a day, maybe a couple drawers or shelves. In about a month’s time, I'm done. And then round two, I scrub the hell out of everything. I don't use harsh chemical because I'm an asthmatic. But soap, water, vinegar and anti-bacterial soap are my weapons of choice. It's not clean unless your arm is weak and the muscle is burning, is what my wonderful grandmother would say. I would help her scrub when I was about 8 until the skin on my hands would crack and bleed. It sounds miserable but I loved the time that we spent together and I wish so often for just one more brief moment with her. But that said it's easy to see where this obsession began.
I'm off to clean and it's a good day. (I need help!)
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