Monday, March 9, 2009

2009 budget revisited!

Crap I just can't get this finalized. This is honestly the worst I've ever done with getting a budget for all of the extras. Here's is what I started with....
Car Fund $800
Pool Fund $125
Flowers & Garden $125
School Registrations $325
Vet Fund $200
School supplies $100
School picture $200
Christmas $1100
Trip in Oct to FL $2500
Dr, ER & dentist $350
Computer $100
Glasses and contacts $1000
Car stickers $240
WI fee $65
Bdays $500
All other holidays $350
2nd mortgage fee $90
Tax Prep. $25
Clothes $100
Haircuts $100
4th July fund $75
Thanksgiving $125
For $8595.00
And my problem is I forgot a few things like forgetting that we had to go to KY to visit after the baby is born. And I had no idea that our garage door was in that bad of shape. It was getting to the point that I could barely lift it. I just figured that I was getting weaker and that it was just a side effect of the under active thyroid. Until DJ one day said that he could barely lift it either. So Den took a look at it and the wheels are falling apart. So this really needs to be fixed. So this is what I've come up with for now. Give me a month and I'm sure that I will revisit it for the 32nd time. Uggg!
*Car Fund $610 (paid)
Pool Fund $125 ($60 saved)
*Flowers & Garden $100
School Registrations $325
*Vet Fund $125
School supplies $100
*School picture $150
Christmas $1100 ($470 saved)
Trip in Oct to FL $2500 (paid)
*Dr, ER & dentist $200
*Computer $0
*Glasses and contacts $700
Car stickers $240 (paid)
WI fee $65 (paid)
Bdays $500 (paid)
All other holidays $350 (paid)
2nd mortgage fee $90 (paid)
Tax Prep. $25 (paid)
*Clothes $75
*Haircuts $75
4th July fund $75
*Thanksgiving $100
KY Trip $250
Garage Door $500
House Fund $200
total $8580
*= lower
So I basically just robbed Peter to pay Paul. I think that I may have it too low in some areas and too high in others. I'm sure that something else will come up and mess with this. And to be honest with myself a lot of this is more wants than needs. I know. But I'm at least being honest with myself and acknowledging where its going instead of just putting it all on the credit card and not looking.
So I figure that I need about $3670 to finish paying for everything. So even with my cleaning money, I'm short $760 for the year. I'm not going to stress though, I'll figure it out. If you have any ideas, let me know.
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