Tuesday, March 24, 2009

$444.18 for 4 weeks groceries

I totaled up the amount that we spent in the last four weeks for groceries and it was $444.18. So I have managed to trim a little bit off of our budget ($480/month). I'm really trying to get our costs down but it feels like its 1 step forward and 2 steps back. I have managed to sock away a few dollars but its never enough.
I said before that if we had to go on unemployment I would cut the groceries down to $350 a month and I'm thinking that I'm really off on that number. But when I said that we could make it with $80 a month on gas for the cars that might be on the high side. I might be able to rob Peter to pay Paul,maybe. I just really want to have a working unemployment budget. I just pray that I never have to use it but if we do I want somewhere to start. We are also really big eaters. We live on the IL/WI border and there is nothing but meat and potatoes, beer and cheese. Not complaining at all but I think that my budget is unrealistic at least for the food. Whenever we try to really cut back, we blow it because we end up miserable. Den said that we could have ramen noodles a few times a month for dinner and that would really knock it down. Some find it hard to believe that we could eat well on $444.18 a month, others think it's too much. Almost everything is from scratch and we keep deserts on hand. It's easier to stick to the plan if there are built in rewards. And I make sure that there are lots of fruits and veggies on hand. Most around here don't eat like that, more than once we have been called the Brady bunch. I think that it's funny that we are considered at times, wholesome. If people only knew!!!!
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