Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Gift

Since I'm going to be an Aunt soon, I've been trying to come up with frugal and unique gifts for the baby. His parents (It's a boy) have more than enough money to indulge him in every fancy and new gadget that is on the market. And it's really bothering me that he will be in KY and we are here in IL. We just don't have the money to keep going back and forth. So I think that I'm going to go through the kids old story books. They are packed up and the kids really have no use for them. I mean I could try to read to them but I don't think it is real high on two teenager's lists to be tucked in and have a story read to them. So anyways, I'm going to pull out all of their favorites. And I think I have two story books that were Den's when he was little.
I'm going to try and borrow a video recorder and have all of us read to the baby. I know, how cute is that. When we have finished, I'm going to pack up the disk and the books and ship them to the baby.
I'm just so sick that he won't know us. And I think, this way he will have a memory of us. It makes me want to cry knowing that I won't be a big part of his life. I wanted to be the fun aunt. I just want him to grow up knowing how much I love him.
Here's my problem, Den. He's not feeling the whole, I'm going to video tape him thing. He said it's a cute idea but not for him. Anna was all for it, DJ said he would do it but he wasn't happy about it. Any ideas? I was even thinking about getting my in-laws to read to him and maybe even the baby's great grandfather. The men aren't real into this. To be honest, I hate how I look and seeing my fat ass on tape is upsetting. I just don't like people to look at me, film me or take my picture, call it a slight phobia. But I think that it's so important to be in his life, that I will get over my insecurities. I'll let you know if this works out.
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