Monday, March 16, 2009

Homemade Microwavables

I used to buy microwavables every week for the kids. They would come home and have that as a snack after school. The problem was they were $1 each and they could eat two at a time. So the kids were a little unhappy when I said that we couldn't afford to buy them anymore. I'm still buying ramen noodles and mac and cheese so they would have a snack. I do keep plenty of fruit in the house but they are still teenagers and there is no winning that fight. So I came up with a solution. I turned the $4.30 meal into microwavables. I added 2 more packages of ramen noodles so now instead of 6 packages there are 8. Now it costs, $4.64 to make it but it goes alot farther. I can get between 7-8 container out of it. (I use the free Gladeware that you get with lunchmeat). So it's costing either $.66 or $.58 a microwavable. And there is alot more food in the ones that I make, they never go back for seconds. Even Den will snag one for his lunch once in a while. We usually make his lunches from last nights dinner but sometimes that gets old.
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