Friday, March 27, 2009

Just Great!!!

It's another wonderful day in the neighborhood! This is Anna's car. It a 1999 Chevy Lumina and it's a little dead.
Den sold his Trans Am "shell" for $200 this morning. And being the sweet father that he is, he took the money and bought $150 worth of supplies to paint her car. One of his friend's from work needs a new roof so Den was going to help roof his house in exchange for a paint job. So after buying the supplies, and on his way to his friend's house, the transmission went out. Yeah, fun! So Den managed to get it off the road and into a "upper class" neighborhood. And then the cops showed up, they were decent but ran everybody's info and wanted them to move along. Anywho, Den had it towed home and we are trying to come up with a plan. We could a.) become a 2 car family for the next 14 months and then buy something when Anna goes to JR. college b.) have Den replace the transmission with a used one for $300 and take our chances with another 10 year old transmission c.) bring it in and have it done for $2500 d.) buy a new to us car with the money we will be saving with the refinance. This sucks!!!! Just when you think you can gain a little ground, it all comes crashing down. But the only good things that I can see out of this mess are that it broke down when Den was driving not Anna and that all of our scrimping and saving is at least helping us when we do have a problem. So I should lighten up because we do have a few choices.
Den did some motor work 3 years ago and said that the motor was like new on the inside. He said it showed no signs of wear but it has 140,000 on it.
So I will keep you posted.
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