Monday, March 23, 2009

Missing Summer

These are pictures from the flowers that were in our yard last year. I've been squirreling away a little bit of money here and there for this years flowers. I love all different kinds of flowers and I love to plant them but I think that we are going to buy more perennials this year. I'll miss playing in the dirt next year,though.
We have an overhang on the front of the house and we plant flowers underneath it. It gets very little light. If you can think of anything that would do there and have a lot of color, please let me know.
We are also going to plant a small garden again, a couple of tomato plants, herbs, and green onion. I have a really good tip. The next time you buy green onions chop off about
1.5 inches at the bottom. Make sure that the root is in good shape and then replant. When they get to full size, trim them instead of pulling them and you will have green onions all summer. I would love to put a bay window in the kitchen and have a little herb garden in there for the winter. I would feel so well off if we could have fresh herbs in the winter instead of the dried one. Ahh, what a dream?
I can't wait for summer.
I'm also trying to start a few plants from seeds but I'm mostly growing mold. I'll post some pictures.
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