Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Plants?

I was really hoping to have a happy little post about how wonderful my little seedlings were doing. I now know that I don't have a green thumb its more like the kiss of death finger! And I had such high hopes too. We spent $11.37 on this little experiment and I'm thinking that the only things that are going to make it are the marigolds.
Den had the bright idea of starting the seeds in his old tackle box.

It worked really good for just carrying it around until they started to grow. Who knew? Then we had to transplant them.

So we moved them(sweet william?) into an ice cream bucket. That's probably where we should have put them in the beginning. It's hard to tell but most of them are dying. (I need a new camera!!)
And a few of the poor souls ended up in an old milk jug. They are doing a little better than the plants in ice cream container. I really wish I could tell you which plants are what but in my rush to rescue them I forgot to mark them.

But I do know that the plants in the water bottle are marigolds. I started them off in there and they seem to be doing the best. I just keep thinking about how I have always enjoyed going and picking out plants at our local nursery. And this starting them from seeds is really zapping the joy out of it.
So my lesson out of this little experiment,
1.) plants don't do well when you transplant them a few times in the beginning(duh!)
2.) I have a hard time keeping things alive
3.) I don't have the patients to drag them all over the wet and sloppy yard trying to find a slight ray of sunshine for them.
So I think this is it for me with trying to grow my own plants. Out of respect for the pitiful little guys, I'm going to try to keep them alive. Key word is try.
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