Monday, March 2, 2009


Alright, I think that I've miscounted the amount of people that live in the house. I have always thought that there were four of us. I'm wrong, there are five of us. The person by the name of Nobody also resides with us. Nobody, I have been informed, has been responsible for all the irresponsible acts in this family. It is not my loved ones throwing their dirty clothes on the floor, it has been the lazy bastard Nobody. Dishes with dried food on them, once again, it's Nobody. I was vacuuming the laundry room only to find a cup of soup behind the dryer. Apparently, it had fallen out of the cabinet above the dryer and once again Nobody was to blame. Anna said that maybe if I quit yelling at the poor guy, he would show his face. She said he is the abused child. My thinking is if he isn't as much of a smart ass as the others, he may end up being my favorite. But he needs to come out of hiding. Now my question is, do I get to claim him on taxes?
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