Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our KY Trip

Well, My SIL is due the beginning of April. So we are going to head down there June 12th to the 19th. My in laws are letting us use their time share. They have been banking their weeks and not using them. They had planned on retiring by now and traveling but their retirement fund took a huge hit(where have I heard that before) so they haven't been using their weeks. And they have to pay for them either way, we offered to pay them many times but they said they are out the money either way and would love to see us use it. Gotta love them!
And it just keeps getting better, we have 6 flags passes so we are going to visit the Louisville park. Yeah more free fun. My SIL figures that she will be back to work by that time so we will spend the weekend together and at night.
I'm only setting aside $500 for this trip. The resort has a kitchen so we are going to take full advantage of it. When we went to the Dells in October of last year, we packed all of our dinners. For a few weeks before we left, we made lots of extras when we made our favorite dinners. I froze all the leftovers in glad ware and we kept them in the little frig at the hotel. We just microwaved our dinners every night. Doing that cut down so much on our expenses. So I'm really hoping that $500 will cover this little trip. We are also going to keep breakfast simple with fruit and cereal. And lunches will be cup of soup and sandwiches. When we go to the park, we will do the same as at home and just pack a cooler. We never buy anything when we are in the park.
I hope that we can pull this off.
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